Spelling Bee Leads to Big Laugh

Chris Ferrara, 15, tells Jimmy Kimmel about his trouble with one word.
4:26 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for Spelling Bee Leads to Big Laugh
A spelling bee in Ventura county which is not far from here it's almost two years ago but it just started to blossom on line. An eighth grader at Santa Clara elementary school got up to spell a word in the spelling bee and this goes on pearl wild but I think you'll enjoy it. -- -- -- -- -- He's -- definition. -- wading bird that has a long neck and legs -- long tapering builders -- point and start cutting edges. Large -- and socked -- image. It's easier. Haram. -- you please. These instances. If -- had not seen that -- -- down from the tree she would have insisted that the huge bird nest on the ground. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cameron. BBC group. -- Parent and apparently -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hair run. A waiting period that has a long neck and legs and long -- filled with a start. HER. Who end here. Okay. Okay. -- -- Story -- to take your item is -- like a great phone call. -- we -- -- live via Skype this is that Chris Ferreira. Okay. -- -- -- -- Can't hear anything I'm saying I will be happy to repeated thirty or forty times. -- -- -- -- -- Fifteen record he's actually tomorrow Pope Attila happy birthday what was -- Few years ago OK at what was going on where you intentionally tormenting that woman and it might soon look like the -- -- this. Words you could hear what you say the way things that -- -- do you think you're hearing. Best second but it is wrong but that -- Do you really think you herders say that a -- -- hair -- what is. It is but that's not give accurate I registered. -- -- we're each OK and you are just messing now with the people to entertain your friends -- shore right. You know over completely. Serious it was just this just patent and yeah. And then afterwards you realize that was funny and you posted it to YouTube. Yeah did you end up winning the spelling me. -- -- -- -- Thanks what were not due out of the competition -- member. Debutante -- -- -- can imagine the number waging -- May very possibly our women sitting -- marriage proposals are the kids schools seeing this video. Owned -- buried much. I think she's Buddhist army Europe now are you still involved installing these will be joined and adults bowling league or anything like that. If you finally me I'll be glad to join.

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{"id":15487784,"title":"Spelling Bee Leads to Big Laugh","duration":"4:26","description":"Chris Ferrara, 15, tells Jimmy Kimmel about his trouble with one word.","url":"/Entertainment/video/spelling-bee-leads-to-big-laughs-15487784","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}