The Old Spice Guy plays "Manta Claus"

Isaiah Mustafa shares his gift ideas for the manly man in your life.
4:11 | 12/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Old Spice Guy plays "Manta Claus"
-- -- stuff otherwise known as the old spice guy has some think he wants to get off his -- checked. He once you know -- more than just a sexy voice and a pretty face -- -- and give our. And he's providing -- with a special holiday online campaign here's a look. It's a very wise man once told me that giving is the best we receive something back. I have no idea what he thought he was extremely. But I did learn -- everyone likes getting presence and I like it. Therefore this year's holiday season -- be giving gifts to all seven. I'm very ambition I had them without a lot of parents tell us more about the campaign. Andy give us the -- gift ideas for the manly man in your life and they'll welcome. Me. -- tell a little bit about your. Online campaign obvious and -- seven billion people gifts this holiday it's locked being well old spice guy yes -- is awesome gifts is this amazing. Deodorant protected or protected unit from the elements of her there and I -- Every -- -- -- tie knots it's just essential tomorrow's guide to -- has also. -- -- Holliday yes indeed and is these are not for all occasions politicians. The and -- land and -- and I am very important. We all know that every man is an advocate arts of course need to -- game so the need for speed the run. It's a very nice little game -- game as some Easter eggs that. -- -- by solves. And then the need to tickets that and he. I like that that same wherever whenever and -- here. A great event. And of course when you when you just don't know what else he would just throw in the town -- and blue lights now we don't know that can. Right around as waves -- around his shoulders and make into and asked me. So they they're great gifts for the manly man in your life because it's tough to go shopping men and yes and I don't know -- -- -- man that now you do. Although it's -- -- yes this is their holiday gifts. We'll have everything little better thing. Goes on there at the end you'll smell like an exotic vacation right from the freshest of places that's. -- And so how does this all worked into your online campaign. Well what we do is over the next few days -- would start Monday words gifting. Several things like I gave all the -- of the world the R&B single they can download. How to define -- rains and well we're just directing them to the YouTube channel -- old -- and had them take a look at what making it. Also all the leases Angeles -- and grenades whoa -- wake of thin air here targeting though they -- of ladies yes but every every person on the planet will will get a gift. But by -- in the week. I -- I am I'm a watch and I'm human and I -- on what they trust me but it. You're you're gonna take over from senate -- -- where I'm meant to close your music but. If -- fat look at bringing job right relationship and the economy got what -- what is new for the old spice what's on the horizon well. I'm hosting TVS's funniest commercials of the year coming up from fourteen. And next here receives comes movement. As the -- no known. Question is going to be what is next -- today. I was the -- Began that would cut back actually I think -- will -- -- to have a don't know me. Now be kind of cool back in the ninth and intrigue I do -- -- What now wanting the -- an animal house two years. And on the 31 December. We must have people coming up -- all. It doesn't drive your wife a conference. You know. -- -- -- -- Now like my daughter being attracted to press conference Madonna -- movement because his -- How that their daughter Kenyon sweet he's -- -- go away. Their territory -- -- I am without -- thank you so much and happy holiday. You. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Isaiah Mustafa shares his gift ideas for the manly man in your life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15115631","title":"The Old Spice Guy plays \"Manta Claus\" ","url":"/Entertainment/video/spice-guy-plays-manta-claus-15115631"}