Spike Lee From Sundance 2012 Promoting New Film

Director on financing his own movie and how studio system fails black audiences.
3:00 | 08/10/12

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Transcript for Spike Lee From Sundance 2012 Promoting New Film
Hi I'm Peter Travers in this of popcorn -- -- popcorn here where we tell you what's happening at the movies and Spike Lee has a movie called Red Hook summer yes. He's back he's back in Brooklyn. And he's playing in the movie as well as writing and directing an explains -- we played -- do the right thing which put him on the mat. Well we -- -- -- this year at the Sundance Film Festival at the Washington schoolhouse and now. As I was coming off a premiere night where there was a lot of controversy got some. Heckling in the audience. And I think you'll see when you look at his face that maybe he wasn't in the best the movement but you know it feels -- -- he's got something to say. And he brought with him the two child actors who put in the movie -- brown and Tony life. And these kids you can tell him pushing him around though so watch listen more. -- -- -- -- -- There's -- all the more reason for you to -- received. For human nervous -- busy Calumet. I concede that -- -- this state. Now was is what your -- -- Augusta -- assault -- for all these years building up that'll happen. Is this what she wanted to use -- and technical Walton beach and what -- -- I -- it's my mother's name the group told disrespect. I just wanted you movement -- flick. He's going to be here for the rest of some. Okay I'm them. We'll we'll we'll have a -- of them. -- -- -- -- welcome to the show and would you excuse these two discomfort yes to my right -- instant pointless thing plays jazz Morningstar. An. End to my left. The magnificent jewels brown plays a character flick well. They get so let's start by you both telling us who it is your -- we know -- flick it couple we know it's jazz but who are these people. Well test -- -- a fourteen year old girl from Red Hook and she was born and raised there and she has a condition. -- month. Which -- her from doing certain things. But other than that she's a very outgoing crazy -- and -- He gearing -- flip -- is it from a land. Who lives with his mom in the middle class. Life. Grandfather -- -- project so yes like totally against Ryan. And on top of that is -- days a preacher and Shane but -- in the church. And -- seeing the world through his iPad -- iPad two. When you -- -- the movie was over fed up with -- holding -- No actually thought I was gonna keep the you know -- human. Good it is where did you find it. I found on my whole. Drew a high school. There's a nominal and drama teacher -- named mr. And when Robinson. And every year he churns out. Kids who have learned to craft. So and I -- the script I knew I could find the two leads. In his classroom so what happened for the two of you when you leave the school with a great teacher and suddenly. You're being directed by Spike -- was a year attaining did you wanna -- him outside that. Now actually it was a fun experience. Taking art of theater and bringing it into film. And it was really a transition because theater and film -- two different aspects of craft. And it was actually really fun just working with spike in working with Robinson at the same time doing the film. And knowing that Robinson. He is a wonderful teacher him being on set every day to instruct us it was -- cool. Also his hair was is there degenerate disagreement. The red head that he sitting and now it's off line and now we know we on the same page we know -- -- we had to do. We did admit reforms honorable. Man and a note that McCain and I hope he never -- what if it -- -- Right in live. It can happen -- so. Spike you come and bringing this movie written excitement assignments without distribute. And it's shown to everybody last night great -- and premier is it strange. They and that they and that -- -- film well. That's why should have been there should have been a moment where he went -- that I thought when you recognize Chris Rock in the ninth yet yet but that's Chris Rock. He's just a BA. Is Chris -- asking me. Much. We shouting something about what would you have done -- you had a whole bunch of money to do this just below the church up you know -- you know Chris some. -- If if I'd done it wouldn't -- system would have been different about that question. I I just heard it in a different way -- sitting behind him you know it was I heard other moderates that were happening. -- That there -- You -- Yeah. This is your money. This is everything. In this in any production costs in this -- you -- So are you bringing -- -- Why. The studio system and they want to make this I mean it's over and had no way the -- -- -- was being -- of me finance and myself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And local TV. Don't want to -- home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean this is why income fund and -- -- -- a lot of film -- whole lot of films in competition. In other different categories. That I have distributed so as not just mental disease he admits is this when we think about -- -- -- felt so you can give instrument as we shall world phone. The domestic and international distribution. What it's like -- -- -- the movie. We wouldn't even. Really white movies find movie that yes. Totally made for that specific. I'm really not as declaration wouldn't. I have so many of.

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{"id":16977831,"title":"Spike Lee From Sundance 2012 Promoting New Film","duration":"3:00","description":"Director on financing his own movie and how studio system fails black audiences.","url":"/Entertainment/video/spike-lee-sundance-2012-promoting-film-red-hook-16977831","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}