Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Magazine

Models Ariel Meredith And Irina Shayk Talk About The Iconic Issue
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for Sports Illustrated 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Magazine
The Sports Illustrated swimsuit franchise reaches more than sixty million people annually. This year the magazine celebrating its fiftieth anniversary it's hard to believe join us today are two of this year's swimsuit models. Are in a shaken aerial Meredith thank you both for joining messing -- just ascended a big big issue this time around -- doesn't like to be a part of the fiftieth anniversary issue. I mean just a dream come true. It's my -- appeared to be it was -- solicit Herman Davis -- it. In May be this year was 2011 because I was in the cover and in the home. -- and for me it's an honor it's not for years it's gonna be back in the issues that if it is that -- -- obviously biggest issues ever. I richest hat in its I want weeks -- we're just rated -- -- time this week -- to patty. -- hey RDE it's yes. Your -- -- -- -- mentioned that cover model also on one of those issues on 2011. He wanted and that's covers -- Saying yeah. Yeah. Idea you know what makes each year different. -- you know Sports Illustrated or is lost to bring just two different vacation all over the world. In they would. You know they would bring you -- application that -- we would never ever even thinking to -- travel. And they basically discovering -- new world you know every year is different because. Every year -- getting some surprise for you here millionaire and now was good in the -- you know. You never know which vacation we're going travels so it's it's very exciting for the people for the -- to see where did you -- this. Madagascar and it was a long -- but it was amazing I mean. Gist of what sound just told -- there was just so amazing and I definitely want to go. There -- what about you know I was in Switzerland this year so that was amazing -- never events cold weather issue cold weather for sure I was in glacier water yes I was English -- -- there. And so -- it was amazing you know once in A lifetime thing each year is he gets better and better sound. You know we're just gone from Iraq -- -- it it looks so glamorous but obviously you're all working very -- on the front of the camera -- behind the camera give me an idea what that's like well you know from one you know it's a lot you know -- Make sure our bodies are looking you know I am not just looking like super skinny obviously they're just looking nice and healthy in -- So we want to make sure we look at sunny skies and an issue you know but it's it's hard work sometimes let you know Sports Illustrated and love to make it -- and families so we -- have a great it's very -- Time sometimes you have to wake -- what could succeed how he had sometimes -- have to a cup -- spivey. You know for the -- -- -- Two cars. Sun -- you don't. And you taking from -- to tiny pictures a date but for me it's more fun because I enjoy -- you know. He's having fond -- -- and she'd spoken between you know. It's not as a family vacation for me as work but it will work cars work really hard its fair share. See you guys worked hard on location you're working in isolation pretty much except for the crew then and then you need out. On this recent legend -- -- 22 other models -- got to show up to did you meet some of years legend favorite. He has out -- that our own -- couple months ago four months ago yes sweetie do is from. Old legend come to get too old to -- were actor in the cover. Back in 1970. In sixties in. It just great to seat. In one room all those beautiful gorgeous cover morals -- -- well known -- of the world just because of Sports Illustrated. So you really realize those Sports Illustrated Long Beach a huge lot of careers of those skills -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brinkley Kathy Ireland. And I was they've and I met hiring Cathy Allen and -- the anything bad at -- which was our first ever covered on 1964. Not as yet and speak English as humbling experience meat on these beautiful legends. -- -- Maybe went down be one of the legends that it. If it isn't. We have you know mention of course that Barbie of course is one of the one of the girls as well when that funds hang -- well let me tell you that. People freaked out because they took -- -- Barbie to 2004. -- cobbler with Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. And IRA I mean as much as -- being you she's not going to be. It's all about old and beautiful sixty -- now. -- it's fun bar B it's a legendary gold let's start the role and I think it's really cool -- -- in 2000 with teen. Economic team with -- race we were able and incorporate and it's an issue which I think it's really made -- Now arena you also in addition to this role -- model for the swimsuit. Addition you also just recently traveled back to your home country of Russia and had a chance to leave the athletes into the stadium. Give me -- idea -- life experience. I was so proud of my country. Known -- -- you with hosting the Winter Olympics in Sochi. -- you know it's kind of unbelievable it's warm weather you -- means palms around but it we hosting and Winter Olympics. And for me he was it be on earth to. You know -- -- -- plants. Four openings are -- -- -- describe what it out because you know when you see all those people who screaming get so excited to see you know -- seen it. It was yes but my mom she cries was suddenly on TV you know. It's it's a life experience and I am very happy that I've -- choosing to leave. Beautiful team and let's hope that -- we look at Goldman. -- bring in them and right now get an idea what's next for both of you this is such a big. Big year already. This is a big year you know we have so well for speaking for myself I have a lot of projects in the future events upcoming. A lot of -- TV -- getting into hosting and getting into it acting more. So I'm pretty excited about that you know like this I'm just taking -- -- -- today. While -- at I had my first experience in the movie with -- partner. And we musical hair -- is he in -- coming out in July it's very exciting. I am I have there is your hero and hit -- -- my -- is -- small but just to work with those kind of people with Paramount Pictures with brats with. All those acts or loses seats -- you know was dream come true. And -- what is next relaxes me I mean yeah swim way it gets Heidi tiles are you waiting feast here is an anniversary now. We're so excited like we usually are in Vegas and this is a fresh air and Miami. Some more than anything real life Atlantic ski happy or an Athens fabrics I don't get jobs does he -- When airline. They hand exit -- they don't see you in Miami of course they can see you in the magazine that I have to ask you knows such. Beautiful suits covers photographs you get hit on alignment so what's the worst line you guys injured. Her appointment today that was -- and that's why we're late for the average -- It was one on my Twitter and it was like do you like mayonnaise -- miracle that -- I can't even hear that literally. How does it and I was generous financing actually I catch -- -- masters so. I. I don't know if -- you know. While of that we here at lions police here is back -- needs you -- used -- -- We do. But he added that if -- so what would be the pointers that you get guys out there. -- cleaners that we give guys you know if it. I don't know I got to know I don't really have to give. Players like face at a filling station sometimes when you and maybe you know you give a couple but I am really now -- that was. No -- have to think about that. Actress and we'll let you think about it in the meantime we'll take a look at the Sports Illustrated issue it's already out today area thank you so much of -- Q -- For stopping by and as I mentioned it is already on the stands it's out the Sports Illustrated -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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