Spotify's Top 5 Most Viral List

Lana Del Rey "Young and Beautiful" off "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack at the number one spot.
4:24 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for Spotify's Top 5 Most Viral List
They -- the most of vinyl songs of the week Spotify its top five -- and we've got him for you joining me today with the top five most viral songs on Spotify is Shannon cook. -- -- trend expert great to see you again Janet thanks -- -- let's -- I didn't with number five Criss crosses. Job. That's kind of a sad story can pan AM this takes is way back to 1990 -- someone is on the top of the -- for about eight weeks. Spotify listens there are obviously streaming -- he's feeling a bit sentimental because one of the members of the heat pumps you whose -- was crisscrossed. Dying on on -- disseminate steady for so it is an agreement song you know -- remember he did it to myself in my youth so it does certainly bring back good memories for a lot of people this let's -- to number for Portugal the man at purple yellow red and live. An interesting thought from an interesting -- -- -- -- interesting song names and then names this -- an experimental plans from Portland Oregon they're not from Portugal as you might think I'm hesitant than they actually then name the name of the Andes is hints at an -- each day today they say they have -- -- again. A man named. Point two which is a nice thing about being in the event on -- can do it if you like the sky's the limit I think new an up and coming actually -- of the big turnaround firm since 2005 this is actually their seventh album there one of those bands that you've probably -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- not a fan of but. Spotify and has since there really paying attention to this -- -- socialism. Produced by this than the Marshal enough to producer Danger Mouse it has a bit of it. More mainstream sound -- and tapping into new isn't good for them there on fire now and not number three Janelle Monet with queens. Now here's what I love about denominations these gorgeous young woman which is broken but. Yeah he doesn't feel the need to bear a whole lot of flash in -- she goes through this kind of androgynous look which I -- -- some miracles for the duration middleman you could see him she'll soon have performs is an Alter -- this android -- Cindy Mayweather. A lot of culture. Is on fire or she's on the list quite often changed news. -- Now this is clueless she's sixteen -- from the in Ireland she's been on the list for about four weeks now Spotify -- -- just loving it. And you know I got a great songs Tanya when kids go into their -- journeyman who would themselves singing it and then uploaded to YouTube checking out of the company -- -- today -- I gotta tell you I don't understand why these kids tonight idea they're very patient aren't they care. Haven't really stand and teach and hang out since there have been on -- enough stuck of the world that got me the little black and banks and -- -- is sometimes related event in what she's amazing and now number one. A lot of Delray with young beautiful this is from the great -- these -- correct. -- -- Okay. Mom yeah okay. Lana Del -- is one of these young women and has this -- home schooled by a little bit Amy Winehouse is this really nice. Through bad boys I am I really really like and this -- that we're looking -- This -- taken by the singer -- ends here is also a professional photographer a lot of dividend -- He took that photo of learning in London in 2012 she does have a sort of retro old school Hollywood five -- she really doesn't this song is. Very very popular the last couple of weeks it's really been going out and I can imagine with the movie coming out we'll get even bigger Shannon thank you so much sharing with us today great --

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{"id":19127924,"title":"Spotify's Top 5 Most Viral List","duration":"4:24","description":"Lana Del Rey \"Young and Beautiful\" off \"The Great Gatsby\" soundtrack at the number one spot.","url":"/Entertainment/video/spotifys-top-viral-list-19127924","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}