Spotify's Top 5 Most Viral Songs

Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" are most viral this week.
5:14 | 04/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spotify's Top 5 Most Viral Songs
They are Spotify is most of viral songs Spotify -- top five list and we've got Emporia joining me today with the top five with trending songs on Spotify. Is Shannon cook Spotify -- trend. Experts on in presenting great to have you here and let's dive right in with -- top five songs coming at number five at landing and made these Dele hello hey these two little girls are adorable they stole the show on Nationale pretty -- In -- -- his ground Ontario Canada these guys have come from very musical family. And they performed -- song it's a cover of the lunar new -- and -- -- -- -- a couple of weeks again on ABC's around the Nashville and it. Created quite -- -- ages harmonize saves you play and then announced -- aid following online there YouTube channel has. Like any three million. How huge a rising star is no doubt they are adorable girls number four on the list. Hunter hey is I want crazy we recently saw him in Vegas hosting the ASEAN -- -- -- was performed performing in Sam ward -- -- and then. I think -- -- Yeah it's different ministries keys as of I had I would hear a half. Three care. He used when he finally held scientist -- music scene. He debuted this song. Few weeks ago as you sit on the -- awards everybody absolutely loved it. He was like I said rising stout lots of -- around -- he was nominated for three grammys this year. And Stevie Wonder is a big fan of -- that -- had we have -- -- -- become isn't there and the cast and I actually did a bit of that collaboration together at BACM. Woodson and yet it's easy just thinks he's fantastic so is Steve gives him a ringing endorsement. I think I think we pay attention -- -- and -- our number three on the list Robin thanks blurred the lion. Now he's -- racing that there -- -- on flip and then. This isn't really fine play well -- but the video is definitely getting a lot of attention and featuring. Scantily clad models -- if he wants me to maintenance and -- sorry. Dad at all doesn't stand around and be pretty and a -- hang hang out today. Interestingly on Robin -- FaceBook page a lot of incidents and commented about the video they say we of his -- leaving his -- and has statement media room and we get some work on it gonna treat it -- died down and I'm sure he's thrilled yeah. I love what you're having a good -- never to -- -- list is. Lower that would roil this young lady just sixteen years old -- I know that she needed. It. -- Mean. Coach's voice. She's she's only sixteen musical is playing she's from museum and she goes by the name -- -- her real name. Is LA gimmick and -- and a 100% on news and I YC -- -- -- Music's really been bubbling up in the -- over the last few months and she's selling -- -- -- a couple of function is coming -- pain in her native New Zealand and according to -- record -- -- tickets sold out within minutes is quite a big deal becoming going to be -- she's actually coming to the US in the next couple months and home. But old and has to be whipped around acres school schedule has. As he says she's only -- and she is such a mature -- listening to her seat -- you would think -- -- much older more mature artist Brian I never watch the final one because this is Daft Punk and get lucky. This song has just broken some Spotify records as -- Mary and is -- some. You commonly found. All right -- -- get lucky last Friday it was being nice dreams song in a single day. In spite of -- history in the US and the UK. I think he made Daft Punk they haven't released -- -- -- studio album on for about -- is so I think there's been a lot of anticipation of -- will be released at. The album comes in a few weeks and so. -- who really clamoring kids to get a taste for this this -- news on and it's been terminate. With that could cute -- that we so it's kind of been popping up in unexpected places. Not an -- very popular song a lot of great music out there Shannon cook from Spotify thank you so much. Pleasant -- things.

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{"id":19024657,"title":"Spotify's Top 5 Most Viral Songs","duration":"5:14","description":"Daft Punk's \"Get Lucky\" and Robin Thicke's \"Blurred Lines\" are most viral this week.","url":"/Entertainment/video/spotifys-top-viral-songs-19024657","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}