Spotlight on Broadway's 'Slave Play'

Playwright Jeremy O. Harris explains the themes of race and relationships within his Broadway play.
3:23 | 12/16/19

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Transcript for Spotlight on Broadway's 'Slave Play'
Speaking of representation it's important for all media platforms and all industries. In spaces including broadway's a few weeks back S all the Broadway Show slight play at don't know if you heard about it but I won't give you spoilers but it was one of the most provocative wards. And ever seen on stage the type that makes you uncomfortable and wanting to have a conversation to process it also. I sat down the playwright Jeremy O'Hare is he's just thirty years old but he's a brilliant mind and an apologetic Lee Black queer and freeze so take a look. The organ haven't a lot of different reactions to it but I also I think when I was writing the play and lose writing for people who I thought. We were in this sort of a bares was in the community in new York and I think the album Bartley Peter tradition and it's like. We know that the thing the idea of them split about moving that would let me rattling and thought that's based would be like formal shifts right over the old they're gonna really love the fact that might. This play engages with theory and character and not just like care to or theory it's like putting the book together. And so when it meet its weighing not just in these weird little boxes were eighty people can want to play tonight. Individual Dieter where there were two and one night into with heat or there were 804 people and I along as we hate what the we're still Biden with it and my. Now I didn't and still many differing like history is coming to coming and content to play and removed some people who have it. And stimulate the history of the island arts on the web no illusion of it until we will just like have seen a lot of things that have never seen in the. OK let stricken down now because. This play explores a race and relationships. I've seen it's I know what it's about but I want you to summarize it in your own words if someone and never seen this. Yes how would you summarize this play. I don't hope board into the house just give us like if you're gonna keep the secret yet but give it over arching idea of what someone might experience what would you say. I would say. The place called slave play yes com it is a slave play there is a history of plays. About slaves. This is my version of that yes I think that's what I tell people. I would also think calmly excited to have an oval mine stay for the first forty minutes. And see what happen that its quarterly record forty minutes and totally can't. Reminder there's no intermission there is leaving after four men for me were you know either didn't leave after five minutes ten minutes. Sixty minutes the booming but also of the dark and I never gonna for the commands like. Go off my audience is primarily white but you did have a show where it was all black people in the audience yet and what was that about what did you why did you want that experience the things it's fraud about Broadway is that. Unless you're doing something like the Tina Turner musical or each and proud. Like the chances of you have innumerable primarily black audience for play are sold them. Even in mid August Wilson liked to do it in Laurie hands were all these great players that the theater. Hat was set up to not invite black and the goes all the way back to Jim ground. But would lead them relate different doors for us so why would we go back there so I think that I wanted to have a radical invitation to black audiences to tell them. They're invited to my finger. He's amazing and here in New York agency at a columnists say.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Playwright Jeremy O. Harris explains the themes of race and relationships within his Broadway play.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"67762556","title":"Spotlight on Broadway's 'Slave Play'","url":"/Entertainment/video/spotlight-broadways-slave-play-67762556"}