Stacey Jackson Comes to the US

Singer is taking her chart-topping UK hits stateside.
5:34 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Stacey Jackson Comes to the US
Pop singer Stacy Jackson hasn't rocked the charts in London and now she's ready to take the US by storm she's collaborated with some of the biggest names in -- -- is like Snoop -- take a listen to -- up. Marry -- CN -- Jackson in the living it up right here with us today breaking yeah. -- lot of fun and. B I mean that's so in that country dance music thank you really great and I haven't -- -- I've rented track of -- -- that was its eroded about a -- and I had my late father came to visit me. -- -- -- that -- but I had this dream and he was imaging telling me that I you know announce my time. Some do what I always won its UN and live my dream and I I wrote the song about my dad visiting me and I wrote it with verse that for a rapper. And I had done some work with -- -- and the a music charity called music for use. And it's I had an album out with some young kids and I problem they had revisit some. Up and coming rappers. And they're sitting around a table with my manager and he's like. -- -- Snoop Dogg I'm I mean you're going to come by an unknown up and coming kid to Snoop -- it was night and next thing you gotta be crazy and he's -- -- you know we're soft. He obviously done some work with seen before on some other music thing. And he said he sent off he -- it like to back where you've -- you where you are so. We sentiment track like by MP3 and -- -- left it. Only fox five days later I was on a plane to Boston that's so great talent that was it fun collaboration. Amazing I think he's so professional and just and he really got me and you really got the whole story in. You know. Everything that he that we chat about ways. You know. The we talk a football we talk about parent seeing we talk. It was really -- -- actually bonded and he I think -- -- both parents but parents but that's a teenage kids about the same age actually had. They talk at least together yeah. I did -- -- a lot of fun and I didn't do any advice about the you know. I think he just kept saying -- saying you know I'm you know you've got to do this and you just go for it because it's brilliant that you know that. Yeah I am part -- break into the business that. You know my competition I say this before my competition is busy whipping her hair back and forth right so. He was actually I guess impressed that I wanted to give -- -- this go you can have a fascinating back story I mean it's true you have a musical background -- that I met earlier and been a lot of ban it. But now you also married a fork canyon and you're living in London -- so now at -- of like that. But the -- on its it is a second -- yes it's -- in the Renaissance for me and I and I didn't. We didn't count on it. Being as successful night. Yeah I can't hear you are and here I am and -- it's a yes I'm in a whirlwind I'm telling him really -- and told about it is. Is this love your new single yeah eyes his love isn't hits and white snake cover in fact I'm on an eighty's rocker might manage. And -- Oh my god and so anyways I I love white snake in this track and of course -- -- my dad's. Background I've I've had since now about four. Four. Top ten hits in fact -- When the first one came out I realized I was sitting between lady got and this is systems like Elvis had a heart attack like -- -- -- doing something right. So like taking a song like and -- white -- you know hard rock ballad and turning -- and that's. -- dance track -- very challenging but a heck of a lot of fun and next to by the video and it -- up art it. Well knowing that one that -- yet that was coming out on. At 14 November. They live it up was one that cuts -- right on the charts. And sun and -- it's the sense I think I mean I want to take a page out of your -- that's about it I'm a working mom I only have to get you got four kids and your. -- what you do well. Fantastic -- and like I -- comes over to help addicts. When I'm like -- and they sent to be frank this is the first time we -- decision. To try to -- US is the first time I've been away this long since handled the it will be nine days that I'm. And we tried to squeeze everything I may have -- shows in Vegas Los Angeles New York I've been doing lots of TV and radio and it's at an iPad three houses. But that's. -- the only way to do it is you know and you all intensely Everett has nothing -- your own record company as well -- What does it point that the -- -- one G. Three boys -- one -- I love that if you and I -- I think that is what I have a she -- states Jack that's great says it is is that -- it being you know it as I have to say I don't because I'm breaking into an industry that I'm really not -- learning -- -- day about it so. Luckily I have management people who are you know helping me. You -- -- -- guide me -- little bit around the way but. At the end of the day to its business and -- while the kids art school he's got perform at night. -- record while they're at school. But I'm not recording -- doing the business side of it so always it always is Arlene hit with we wish you all -- today again that excess an alliance -- and -- -- It's me Aaron thank you.

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{"id":14917260,"title":"Stacey Jackson Comes to the US","duration":"5:34","description":"Singer is taking her chart-topping UK hits stateside.","url":"/Entertainment/video/stacey-jackson-us-14917260","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}