Double Trouble With Sam Underwood

'The Following' Star Discusses Playing The Role Of 2 Psychopaths And Their Playlists
3:00 | 02/07/14

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Transcript for Double Trouble With Sam Underwood
You may -- from homeland and Dexter but now he's making headlines as not one but two characters opposite Hollywood veteran Kevin Bacon in season two. Of the following take a look. Saved from these murders -- -- show I need a steady. -- -- -- The -- -- narcissistic. Started judgments this fact I don't think he can resist QB. To curious. -- Curious today senator Sam underway although you probably going to be called sinister I didn't sinister that's a setback tonight Reuters times he's -- sinister squared since described in the rose at what that's like -- -- what your characters characters I say with an -- Lot of twists lot of let them let them -- development and supply. -- -- I'm asking us what -- and Kevin Williamson writes it does best with his what is the east so unpredictable. I'm he writes really interesting story lines that you can't predict whether gonna -- and fascinating character is. -- eat every week you find out something new about them and fat on playing to people. That have a very unique relationship being identical twins -- With the crazy stuff they get to -- its -- its assessment. We you talk is about Kevin Williams and obviously. A fame scream and I know what you did last summer we've big fan of the city the -- going to be kind of in for a long time I'd. As a love that unit that do wide range of his body of what can even things at the sunscreen -- to so -- different from screen in the following and you know he's really able -- You just find interesting the interesting people lenient kind of created on ground which went from we'll focus on the when you're getting -- -- how many weeks -- in advance. For an episode yet a couple of days a couple of day issue actually is the end and you look at as you like Holland -- up because again you're playing these sinister twins. The he's obviously. Not nice guys quite frankly although -- is a little more. I don't -- likable that's a relative which -- -- I think it's pretty obvious. But -- -- of that fact matters let me see your description a couple of days I mean do you you -- the points like this is going to be totally unrealistic and -- -- pull this off because you're you're -- in your -- -- have to work in tandem. Sure -- me now. TV they keep it manageable everything's lebed and put they'd never put any of the -- in a situation where it's gonna be. A -- gets -- is often time that's -- -- bad -- really get about. I would say that the one of the most peaceful challenge is about this role is playing -- people's sometimes when I get. A really big scene between the two Brothers it's it's it's a lot more what it's swear I love to -- literacy as a. What is so what do you need that time wise man told -- told to -- of its transition between the two sure. At issue at city and the I -- to you like personally I have. They listen to different music -- something nice he's on the set to kind of change my name you know you you. So -- listens to what. Seekers now well -- Listen you told that we sat down and I said you must get very -- about having the united -- Stewart told -- -- -- you know back there in the -- -- if you're like Elvis is credible I like doing this kind of thing hasn't yet a champion at the same canned answers all the time right so here you go on the -- -- who listens to what. Absolutely so -- who listens to you a lot of pop music okay he's you know he's an -- -- is slow agony eagle -- in the school stuff but he's. You know you can listen to bloodlines for instance -- -- I -- they -- and it right. And whereas -- Denmark listens to you and some duck stuffed in -- things like -- news radio active by imagine dragons and you know he's he's a low moment duty in the united. He he likes happy intensity inside -- Edwards the likes act out what -- music's. Homicidal tendencies aside -- -- review identified mostly the Lincoln's primary so -- -- -- -- I I've I find with bleach that the wonderful thing about the case I get to -- a lot of things in the show here. That I wouldn't normally eat -- get to do in life he's you know he's. He's got low wonderful traits I'm done loving exploring mock his got a lot more. A bookish quality about him -- -- you know look. -- -- -- On -- guests eat these studies he reads a -- on and he thinks before he acts. And where is because the more impulsive actually I think they're -- about both than that very negative. -- and now it's easy it is bad diagram going through right means you're like you split it right some discipline initiative and triplets -- -- -- added a third character. We'll talk to Kevin about -- spoilers the threat was made -- the other -- that obviously makes headlines but the show at the following is is Kevin Bacon -- that likely toe to -- With with such -- Hollywood name it. It's a learning experience yeah -- and I've you know -- been. Convert us -- what -- some really want flexes in in in my short time in TV and Kevin is one of those people that has had the most consistent career. From a young age right and just being done it all and every kind it. Genre film -- fascinating character is. -- you know being on -- with him he -- sets the tone of that news of being on -- and -- professional environment that very relaxed as well you know because -- have to do such. Intense. Dark stuff all the time -- be intense and dark on -- -- Kevin is a a really easy guys talk -- union the onset waves on when it comes to the scene -- -- particularly when you know we get to have a loaded. You name as -- Sorin -- -- two units of phycor goofy you know that that's how we interact so -- as Karadzic's threat. He saw who could it. He's I mean he's the -- the during the years he's so he -- safety knows exactly. How he works in our environments like feel very safe going into a scene with him. -- -- -- -- -- -- Which is safety is not something usually hear any kind of adjective which in the entertainment industry at all -- whether -- at a particular particular job or. With your future career plans as well and you you talked little about Canada having a very controlled kind of -- in which yen which he did do you ever because -- -- -- young actor means you ever. Turned down roles because you think you know -- -- 510 years twenty used on the road this might not bode so well for me. -- AI they're either and I find I'm quite the positions the team toned down -- -- it is being modest net and on not -- not a tool I think that look. As an act right. I've always looked you know fascinating interesting complex cartoons. -- explores. Yes there is is certain degree of liking you know is this something I -- -- -- because you know -- when you're back to you give. You sacrificing love yourself you -- time -- -- need your emotional. State you know it's it's investing a lot of views into you playing a role. Senator you want to do something is gonna make out what Weill and something in 510 used on the back guard -- amazing -- yes. I want the I was of the body -- that your putting together right now on the following will be able to clearly have that level of success that level of achievement for. Before -- -- I ya gotta -- -- gonna -- what's coming after the season. What's coming up as -- says everything is your twists and turns in this -- -- find out allot more about. And. And -- and mark and -- found that their family in any way they. That's I think that's a lot of the math and ought -- market it's like where did these two guys come from how could but one gene pool. Be responsible for this kind of destruction. It is pretty fast and and that plays really well into Howell. -- Carroll's story line -- -- -- a you know insects and that's an amazing collision when -- kind of come to. Sam under -- we are rooting for -- we appreciate your time and stopping by today the following is on Monday night's 9 PM on fox appreciate it. Continued success thank you very much.

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