Star Jones: Ain't No Player

Star is a huge NY sports fan, and don't mess with her Jeter.
1:20 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Star Jones: Ain't No Player
Huge sports fan. -- learned and I do all things New York everything in New York -- Knick fan. I am a Yankee fan for life. I am and this is a part this confuses people a giant and it jet Spain. But I believe when you're in new York and you in New York me but I. The Yankees. And Derek Jeter. -- -- And you know what I get nominated fans have -- I -- Italian. I -- -- Patrick I don't think I will ever be the same -- was the glory days and then -- When my pageant was thousand of law there isn't enough saying batter. Then getting a -- to move a basketball game. -- -- Samuel L. Jackson and Reggie Miller tell you act he had just as good as any other dude. I used to get on his nerves when he played in the garden all the time just shouting out things act -- a -- in front of my grandma act act act act act act act act. -- -- -- -- comes adult ads the land done every game between me and Derek Jeter and somebody actually hadn't have enough to say something nasty about my. -- savings nasty about mind Jeter and.

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{"id":15551745,"title":"Star Jones: Ain't No Player","duration":"1:20","description":"Star is a huge NY sports fan, and don't mess with her Jeter.","url":"/Entertainment/video/star-jones-sports-fan-jeter-baseball-celebrity-hollywood-15551745","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}