Star Jones Standing Thinner, Wiser and Happy

Tips from Star on her heart health journey and deadly wake up call.
5:38 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Star Jones Standing Thinner, Wiser and Happy
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And she has never shied away from sharing her view on politics pop culture sports and self empowerment and even her weight loss journey. Today she's opening up for hard to us and showing us all how to go read she's my friend and a star star -- Marie Jones. Which you're incredibly educated woman -- spent a lot of time in schools. But we've seen him grow -- -- it right before our very eyes what's more important time in school. Or at school like. I want to say my law degree is my ultimate trump card that that you know if I have to pull it out of my back pocket in any given moment. It fills me with a certain sense pride. Knowledge. The ability to walk into any -- -- in any conversation. And -- feel confident. To hold my own and they and then as I grew as a woman. I realize that that education. Was -- in on tray to what life would hold for me and thus began the education. You've excelled in Celebrity Apprentice -- -- that is part of an effort than a fifth grader and you are back at that. Are you -- fiercely competitive. Are -- -- over achiever. I'm both. I am definitely fiercely competitive. I don't believe that she stepped on people to get ahead -- -- are allowed. To go around in the feeling your way. There's a huge difference. I think stepping on people so it shows a lack of character on your part. Being able to figure out how to go around them. Shows you ability. To out think. And sometimes I hear the B word. That it has passed ball league meetings act like to -- you know one -- and I can never hear that. When it comes to use someone who is not -- -- I think that. Again going back to that don't put me in a female box then don't exclude -- from the mailbox and now let's get -- with what really here Ortiz your business I mean -- obesity. Some portion control you can really get to the -- -- working out. And in March 2010. It struck a lifetime you know it's the kind of situation. Where -- -- you actually -- op -- got kicked me. And -- obesity -- took it on in the entire world. And got probably more criticism anybody could aggregate -- actually presently taking control and lives. Saint in my own life in the process. And it. The next thing I know -- I'm being -- That shortness of breath that I was feeling that. Fifteen. -- intense heart palpitations. They -- early warning signs of heart disease. But with those words star you need open heart surgery. I became one of the millions of Americans. Who suffer from cardiovascular disease. I became one the millions of -- Who suffer from the number one killer. In a -- Com and when it comes to African Americans and women. He -- the next four causes debt and mine it is mine in high -- life's work. To bring awareness of heart disease to a -- that's -- perfect national volunteer. For the American Heart Association. I want to go and -- -- I want it -- eight other people. Take control of -- And -- leading by example I am. Maintaining. A healthy weight. This is that this is the healthiest I've ever been in my life actually. 20032. Now and 2012. I had kept -- Over a 150. Eighties a whole another person is a hold another person whole healthy -- -- And it is. My greatest achievement. You know once you get your weight under control. You start to even exposed. What other -- because I fully believe. I -- I'm not chosen have weight loss surgery and -- Reduce my -- I would not have been able to withstand open heart surgery at cardiologist as -- as much. So -- made the choice that saved my life. Go read tell us. I can't tell you as you can see and I'm in my heart health -- Go where it is -- women's movement. Toward bringing awareness. To heart health in there as I told you. It's the number one killer when will it doesn't need to -- And to go where -- -- during February. It allowed us to going to -- attention on the masses. That heart disease can be reduced in America he needs yes -- -- -- and it's my job. Well they they picked a -- volunteer because if anybody can do what you can.

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{"id":15559855,"title":"Star Jones Standing Thinner, Wiser and Happy","duration":"5:38","description":"Tips from Star on her heart health journey and deadly wake up call.","url":"/Entertainment/video/star-jones-standing-thinner-wiser-happy-15559855","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}