Stars Shine a Light on Immigration and Inclusion at SAG Awards

The Screen Actors Guild Awards took place in Los Angeles on Sunday.
2:35 | 01/30/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stars Shine a Light on Immigration and Inclusion at SAG Awards
We're gonna starve at last night's screen actors guild awards. Now this was not just the night for Hollywood's best and brightest the parade around in fancy clothes lot deeper and yet there were some substance here plenty of them a lot to say about what's been going on over the last week or so the details were made it Lindsey statements. The stars were not afraid to bring politics center stage to the screen actors guild awards. Good evening fellows sagged after a members and everyone at home. And every one in airport's debt a long in my young America. Part of the fabric of whom we all are and we love you and we welcome you. Well a lot of people are saying right now that. Actors shouldn't expect their opinions when it comes to politics for the chicken items are acting is no matter what because we embody the word inhumanity of all keep. Still alert after stars from supporting male actor winner Herschel Ali. And speech after speech we well showed their bricks and capped those who have no. Some even let their films stories through the talking for them this sorry about what happens. When we put out difference SI it's. Now we come together as a human race. Weaned me lump wins every time for the status ABC news new. Wow all right our thanks Lindsay for that and oh by the way we should mention some of the winners run if you would like to get to that as well the evening's top honor for best movie ensemble. Going to the cast and didn't think your C just not there at the drama about the African American mathematician who helped in NASA's space race. It was considered something of a surprise when most expected the award to either go to moonlight organ Manchester by the C. And she it really existing species thank John Glenn she was like. Give it up John Glenn got to get us to suddenly got up there and when he came to the individual honors it was Denzel Washington. Waiting for his performance in fences that was also considered an upset. Because everybody has been talking about Ryan Gosling and especially Casey Affleck feasible to be the favorite even of the Oscar with the devil to get off. And finally I just don't want to best actress for her singing and dancing role and not allow a land if she wasn't before stone certainly now is. An Oscar front runner also beating out Meryl Streep so imagine your childhood dream coming true that you're even on the same stage over. Platform is now street and then there you are feeding her and I heard you know street has ever like I'm the greatest actors who might just. Want to win every time well or she just over the awards on the get and what had enough I don't need a.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"The Screen Actors Guild Awards took place in Los Angeles on Sunday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45139777","title":"Stars Shine a Light on Immigration and Inclusion at SAG Awards","url":"/Entertainment/video/stars-shine-light-immigration-inclusion-sag-awards-45139777"}