Stephen Dorff Gets in on the Action.

The actor talks about his new action film "Immortals."
4:51 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for Stephen Dorff Gets in on the Action.
They can increase as the battleground between gods and titans in the new sword and sandals epic and war novels. Stephen -- plays an ex slave who -- the fight to stop a mad king. Here's a scene from a mortal. It's. Yeah. It's what you have come on. Right and we're so happy to have Stephen dark -- -- best today thank you don't thanks for -- really fun movie lots of action and said. Look at about your character in his role. Yeah this this one's -- crazy it's a Big Three. I kind of my attraction to it was really -- them who's just incredibly visual director and I think. Had something to prove with this one so -- please stop gross. Who's an X in a -- sleigh is kind of a thief and he needs freedom and those character on -- slave train and he's like. Oh I gotta go well with this out of Everett plant and as Kennedy Everyman for the audience of -- them on solos the Needham and ultimately -- works here. Incredibly evil and threatening -- -- I think it's and we. Try to take them and thinking of making art you're from the I was born in Atlanta Atlanta -- from New York -- who had a harder time with the -- Floods is my own -- Area yet tariffs and when I asked terrorism -- the enhances everything is the you know we get Australians in this casting this people you know. Normally think people like you know talking about it you know I think that -- our incredible you know. But -- you know for me -- I wanted to be kind of this more modern almost take in this. In a Greek mythology version of persons thing you know and I did a real history -- -- you know I'm not as many present day talking -- you know -- right now at the same time yet he let us he wanted -- were real was humbling but that's about all the action scenes. What he's very carefully choreographed the -- in his body doubles as a lot now we did everything ourselves and I didn't do as much as. Some of the other guys like the titans and the gods really do a lot of the -- -- from the he sees this character but. But a lot of physical training you know we're naked through most of them do you think that there aren't totally -- in great shape that -- that part of the the preparation for the wrong -- well Mike area that's I -- I got some I am Saturday. Managed to -- a skirt there for this one and -- -- -- -- the minister. And -- -- you know I got the pants and I have a little piece of leather but I never been that. Kind of naked through most notable film usually -- a couple scenes. Topless let me say you -- on factors -- they wanted to shave. Abolitionist. Kind of act -- -- call it so you know a lot of -- you know for performance but training -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A movie that physical. You know it is it's a different for me kind of just on this movie. Somewhere with Sofia Coppola where it I just finished shooting and then asked thing now thank you have of that -- I meant a lot to me in the news like -- ago -- and getting naked and having sandals and swords and why not. In an hour Sophia kind of like laughing on my dad really in. Way would you let you know kind of like you know reviving a little bit -- -- and I think Cynthia gave me such a great chance who's kind of the first ones there willingness -- you play other guys not as bad guys in this that. And she gave me such a great role and obviously her movie which opens doors to so many nice and exciting things. Deal with now on and a lot of movies commons. Making it now and -- -- -- -- -- towards an -- Eleanor read a quote. From -- when I was younger I live movie to -- because I like to spend money. Now we are all her life there that changed a little -- -- -- that money. And making like trying to make good movies in it -- -- money and -- Some help ever what's the -- that. I don't make coffee right exactly yeah. Work in accounting maybe. Even -- thinking that my talking thank you someone's place -- to be here.

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{"id":14907301,"title":"Stephen Dorff Gets in on the Action. ","duration":"4:51","description":"The actor talks about his new action film \"Immortals.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/stephen-dorff-action-14907301","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}