Stephen Lang: The Man in Charge on 'Terra Nova'

Lead actor takes on dinosaurs and fights for control of his colony in new show.
5:29 | 10/13/11

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Transcript for Stephen Lang: The Man in Charge on 'Terra Nova'
In the new show terra nova on fox actor Stephen Lang plays leader of a group of humans sent back 85 million years. To a time when dinosaurs still dominated the earth but T Rex is aren't the only problems that are facing this new colony. Here's a scene -- from an upcoming episode of terra nova. You have something that belongs to me. I want her back about why you abducted and my people. Just returning the favor -- -- the girl came to us I don't believe you. I think -- people took -- I think she's being held as your prisoners I think -- -- -- that's. You want your people back. -- -- This is not a negotiation. You not mess with Stephen lying in for that He is here with us now to talk about this Stephen thanks for being with us today is that your character commander Taylor is in no holds barred -- -- -- what you're used to planes -- character. Played some hard bitten. I think that hard bitten a way to describe salute to talk a little bit about -- it. Well you is he's the commander of and the founder of this colony turnover -- -- went through worm hole and in the year 2149. And took -- back to 85 million years so he's he's an explorer and we -- very intrepid adventurer he's also kind of an -- -- crap. He it's pretty much my way or the highway. This show getting some great success some great reviews it's got the -- obviously Steven Spielberg which doesn't hurt. Lot of special effects a lot of big names in this show real excited when it went when you first heard about this idea brought the -- and you know -- -- high concept show that is to say you really rolling the dice it's risky to do. Been very ambitious to do dinosaur is right on on a weekly basis because it's very demanding. It is technically to do it. But. I thought it was exciting and I want to be part of it Jason O'Meara and news in -- you seem to be working together at this point we gonna see you guys butting heads in the future you do you do have that personality that can. Some live -- a few feathers I have to say Jason Americans just. You couldn't ask for a better meeting again and his superb actor and a wonderful leader and he's also an alpha male. And so -- you got in the colony and there's an alpha male already that being right hander Taylor. So we do. I think they're equal measures. Respect. Wariness. And kind of a growing affection. Between the two characters and you've played strong characters Conan the barbarian avatar obviously. But in this though -- you -- -- plane back guy bit strong. He's very strong he's not he's not a bad guy he's but these under a lot of pressure. He. Some of the decisions that He makes are not popular with. -- everybody in the colony. And but but his heart is pure -- -- -- does he's doing it for really idealistic reasons but sometimes it doesn't turn out. -- you're talking a little bit about you know some of the demands. Working on a show that has a prehistoric settings but it's not just about dinosaurs -- mean this is about kind of it. The combination of humans and dinosaurs. You ever -- worry that. You know that kind of effect either might -- -- that it might be fatter that you're gonna of the keep it going in a weekly basis well it's all about the stories in about the characters to -- the dinosaurs are very much they're like deserves. No no there there -- superb and wonderful and fascinating and thrilling. When -- -- and they do and they're always there always either there or just off stage their presence is always felt. But you really have to care about the people. As a viewer I think you have to be invested in the success of this colony and in the weekly drama. These people survive it. Trying to make it in a very very tough. Environment so that's. That's up to the writers and into the actors to deliver. If you care about the people you care about the show and delivering you guys are definitely doing that with some of the physical demands in some of the scene tonight seeing. -- -- rest of the cast able to keep up with you. Oh we old we all. Sort of work -- future -- we wonderful group of actors. They all. They're in good shape we I think we keep each other up to the mark Jason -- -- -- constantly. You know. Checking have to make is they don't get a little ass off other through -- -- are looking good as He gonna have that muffins and. -- -- But. It's and it's a great group -- and really. We do we were we were part of a lot like war via a way it definitely looks like -- -- Dalai I got into show business. He -- butter just -- Sitting back to relax and I. You're gonna come a time as well you like interacting with the fans is going to be kind of recharging it. Absolutely they're I think that the comic con fans both in new York and San Diego -- -- shows. Their core fans the people who you really depend upon to appreciate the show two in a way guide you. You know their opinions are very very important and to spread the word which they do spiraling. All right terra nova Monday nights on fox Stephen line thanks so much for stopping by -- extravagant.

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"Lead actor takes on dinosaurs and fights for control of his colony in new show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14732559","title":"Stephen Lang: The Man in Charge on 'Terra Nova'","url":"/Entertainment/video/stephen-lang-man-charge-terra-nova-dinosaurs-control-colony-new-show-fox-entertainment-14732559"}