Steve Harvey's 'Cause Celeb'

The popular entertainer sees the future through mentoring.
5:40 | 12/16/11

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Transcript for Steve Harvey's 'Cause Celeb'
We know Steve Harvey as a comedienne author radio and soon to be talk show host but he -- wife are also big on philanthropy. Especially when it comes to mentoring the young men and women who will shape the lives of future generations. Stylist Phillip -- turned his cause celeb camera. On the Stephen Marjorie -- foundation. Well I got asked the obvious question. Three wives seven kids how do you -- to be the expert on relations hits in helping kids out what about the death. Because it's obvious that I have the -- that -- convince anybody to do any thing with the. -- -- -- -- -- After her strategy you know we were -- got a beautiful family now you know. They don't what I've learned -- and was really important for people who realize. Failure is a great teacher. I think when you when you when you make mistakes and you recover from home and you treat to mistakes as valuable learned experiences. -- you've got something to -- you know I don't not really a relationship expert. What my Forte is -- expert on man who and what -- think. I noticed that all this charity work the foundation. Came right after exactly at that but we're -- -- -- Margie she made a conscious effort to. Constantly talk to me about the Philanthropic side. You know I was doing stuff -- but. I mean I wasn't going all -- she says Steve is important for all us. To be out there and all of. How. Can you change -- child has had sadness for most of their life for felt a loss because their father was in the family. How can -- change that in just a weekend. Those we kids are critical. And they're very effective. Because if you give a young boy a snapshot. Both man and a for a -- -- of what it looks like. Something he can pull out his pocketing the -- that just a very important moment in the child's life. If you could just meet some gas well. We're just one -- work. Who didn't have a -- or didn't have a father and they may be gaining weight that's an awful big shot in on all. All -- we take that excuse from them on the first day. -- you don't have a dead in your life OK let me let me -- -- Probably -- Be at a -- -- So you know what a lot of boys in these programs in note saying. I want to be the father to -- key it's one day. -- -- -- -- So why can't we created a program for twenty or thirty year old to keep a -- now so they're not leaving the families. We walk away because we feel prepared for father who. We walk away because we financially can't man up to father who we walk away because she's begging us. She don't want to be rather sometimes we get pushed away because to -- -- hailed as a pawn and relationship. This a lot of stuff none of the holes are viable excuses them. You may not have you all your child support payment that you got telephone. You got time to go pick him up you can steal the old baseball wouldn't you just -- pick him up -- who. You can steal wal -- you laugh -- taken to the game you might not have all the child support money but you've got time. Girls who rule the world I like this exactly -- the premise. Well the thing of it is with girls ritual doing pretty much the same thing without boys just trying to help them to navigate through this life you know -- -- -- They have problems they have issues a lot of the boys and girls have similar things that they're dealing win. So we have women that come from all walks -- life corporate. Entertainment. Sports. Education. -- just help the girls and give them understand I've been there have done that we deal with self esteem issues I had young girls in my group that thought you know I was too heavy. I was too fat they don't like me an asset you know honey in the skinny girls and -- that while the boys didn't want me because I believe in not Alice too skinny -- like a size zero or smaller. He is. -- -- I can thank god we're happy meal at. -- -- -- -- You know so is it's getting them to understand we all deal with it. So not everybody is is blessed is the heart base and don't have that kind of money. What can they do can they come volunteer on this weekend and -- -- -- time council seat. Mentoring is -- money. You don't let us worry about raising the money let let corporations. Give us money let -- you may have to donate money. We need people who have time. Oh boy -- need your time you don't need your money. -- girl needs your time she don't need your money. How do -- the courage to fulfill that dream what up the steps. To make dreams come true. How did you view mr. Harvey from the back to the front. They gotten them to do with money. It's not your money to -- you from the back to the front it's learning a set of principles. And if you've got time. You can meant to.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"The popular entertainer sees the future through mentoring.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15174065","title":"Steve Harvey's 'Cause Celeb'","url":"/Entertainment/video/steve-harvey-cause-celeb-mentoring-teaching-children-15174065"}