Steve Jobs: Most Fascinating Person

Part 10 of Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011"
3:00 | 12/14/11

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Transcript for Steve Jobs: Most Fascinating Person
-- have a number of rules that have -- this show for the past eighteen years. One of them is that -- fascinating person must be living. So when he announced his retirement this past summer. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs when -- -- -- into this slot and our minds the most fascinating person of the year. We never got that interview he died in October. I was sticking with our choice -- when they need to be broken and that's certainly -- Steve Jobs. Lived his life. American yeah. Combatant -- Lagos. All his life Steve Jobs could see things that people couldn't -- What computers in -- years. It's the most remarkable tool that we ever come. When he duck and donate 56 he was -- a -- who were. He embodies qualities you really see in one person. It's hard to imagine -- offending anyone quite like. A romantic. Buddhist and -- marketing genius it was just not a good feeling from childhood he always thought he was right. It's always once. This sixties counterculture inspired him. -- listen to Bob Dylan dropped out of college. Took a trip to India and took up the -- and LSD. British people are self managed -- once they know what to do. Double figure out how to do what they need is a common vision Disney president and CEO Bob Bogle was a colleague and close friend. He wanted things that were insanely great and we take it or accept nothing less than. As at -- big he brought in an executive to help fight and that man ousted jobs from his own company. Let's say -- hired the wrong guy and he destroyed everything I've spent ten years working for. Humbled him and set him on the new power. They bought and developed six that his -- Who really only two things in Steve's life. It was apple could lose -- family and he zealously. Protected. Both of them us triumphantly. He do tend to happen. I -- to come to work every day and work with the most talented people on the planet and the best job in the war. Always forward looking. He fought cancer for eight years. We're working on this product for awhile and I just didn't want to miss today -- Up until nearly -- and he was dreaming big. Planning -- new apple headquarters. I think. We do have a shot -- building. Didn't guest office. Building in the world's. In his final weeks his writing group and -- family. But is fabulous mind state to live. Close to death again that his family around. His last words this is to send. Oh wow oh wow. What. As always Steve Jobs was seeing something we couldn't. And that's -- us makes him the most fascinating -- of 2000.

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{"id":15159228,"title":"Steve Jobs: Most Fascinating Person","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 10 of Barbara Walters' \"The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/steve-jobs-fascinating-person-15159228","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}