Touring Without Clarence 'Big Man' Clemons

Steven Van Zandt on filling the void left by band mate Clemons' death.
1:44 | 02/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Touring Without Clarence 'Big Man' Clemons
You were talking just before if we're talking your rehearsal schedule on this having a lot -- be -- find out how much -- and you guys going to can you share. Well usually we don't reverse them much because -- -- -- -- -- a couple of weeks. Because it just I mean everyone just gets it everyone just connects you and we as tenants they connected in that way but this year is titled -- issue which was good. Split and talk to you me. Appreciate you know and and -- Any -- continuing the -- -- you have to you know what what what do what you love definitive fitted you know like the radio show. And and and then Rocco curriculum writing and hopefully foundation things like that he put it you know. I want to ask you about this Clarence Clemens obviously a loss that you can't even put into words. Have you guys had discussions is are you trying to fill -- -- our -- are there some songs that you're gonna have to either put on the shelf for a bit. You know what those discussions -- -- to take place we just started. So -- getting the basics down of the new and then we'll talk talk. Obviously can't replace some. You know he's one of a kind you know. Safety would be any now you know now what. You -- continue and and an end and treated as a tribute. To the Hayward community at work will who will always be available and -- and always be a part of the union so. Wrecking balls -- kind of feedback -- yet. Yeah the first track is yeah take care of our own in great -- yes people people -- like -- in. And now. It's going to be great Torre and it's wonderful you know -- -- is still writings. Is such a high level you know it was such quality stuff and vital stuff you know stuff that matters.

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{"id":15524183,"title":"Touring Without Clarence 'Big Man' Clemons","duration":"1:44","description":"Steven Van Zandt on filling the void left by band mate Clemons' death.","url":"/Entertainment/video/steven-van-zandt-madonna-swiped-act-15524183","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}