Steven Van Zandt Gets Put on Ice In 'Lilyhammer'

The busy actor-rock star talks up his innovative Netflix mob series.
6:37 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Steven Van Zandt Gets Put on Ice In 'Lilyhammer'
If you're New York mobster going into the witness protection program. What better place to hide then Norway. But that's the premise behind -- Hummer is the first original series by Netflix and start soprano star Stephen bands that. Getting the lay of the land -- Hummer. Isn't so easy. Then. Yeah. And okay. Excuse me that it meets all the hubbub of the -- -- I -- Wilson. -- -- -- -- Oh and miss he -- but it's my -- -- -- uniqueness or not. -- -- this I got the you've done quickly to movie -- -- that Steven van bad that -- is here and out. I got a great scene that integrates into the premise of this you're in the witness protection program you if you go to -- -- what. Where did you this idea even come from equipment that. This husband wife writing team found me in Norway I was -- which are being -- cocktail slippers. We're wicked cool and and that it could -- -- -- -- channel yeah. Any and you immediately picked up on well actually not when exactly clear you play against her and think of -- the -- of the heck of -- running high on top of that now will do little bit yeah. Last month with testicles -- tomorrow and I figured the would you do you -- all right but that was -- that's a good idea they think you know. In the one sentence pitch -- that would is particularly -- This is too good ideas do that yet wealthy adventurer of their -- to another country working there is finally upon them. Don't been. Patricia so is it is a comedy the drama combination well it's a combination of political comedy now you know up complete you know comedy -- say. But it's -- and she was home. Do you look comes from the circumstance and the and the characters you know and oh terrific actors. There really really really great great. And now we got along great in the and that the premise is the character -- is Norwegian -- speak at -- camp so it kind of -- it's a little different -- than the typical. So I don't think you might want you know we just reading it alliance. -- you -- that you had become the character. Because he is speaking English you know right -- an experiment really but it worked -- -- death. It works it works an eight episodes all it episodes are on a Netflix again and that's of an ethical one of a kind first time -- the summit this has happened was up part of the drama and take on a project like this has met you are busy guy -- halfback at. But I got things as this. Don't let thing is making good. Good work you know doing doing good work really no matter what it is so when I hear something you know that might be good like this I have to jump on it. You don't everything I do I loved my radio show continues and that's every week. Radio -- you know. We're still working hard with the and then -- middle of march two want. You were talking this before -- we're talking your rehearsal schedule on -- having a lot it -- be -- find out how much rivers you guys going to can you share. Well usually we don't reverse them much because you know -- his own these couple weeks. Because it just and everyone just gets it everyone just connects year and we as tenants they connected in that way but this year's -- -- issue which was good. Because the split and talk to me. Appreciate -- you know and. And everything else fits in your -- -- -- you have to you know what what what do what you love the -- if it you know like the radio show. And and and then Rocco curriculum writing and hopefully foundation things like that upended him. I want to ask you about -- Clarence Clemens obviously a loss that you can't even put into words. Have you guys had discussions is are you trying to fill -- -- our -- are there some songs that you're gonna have to either put on the shelf for a bit. You know what those discussions -- -- to take place we just started. So we're getting the basics down of the new and then we'll talk talk. Obviously can't replace some. You know he's one of -- kind you know. Same -- -- -- now you know now but. You -- continue and and and and and treated as a tribute to the Hayward community were who who will always be available. And always be a part of you know so. Wrecking balls -- kind of feedback he has yet. -- the first track is yeah take care of our own in great -- yes people people who like it in. You know. It's going to be great Torre and it's wonderful you know the bruises to writings is such a high level you know who's -- -- quality -- -- vitals you know stuff that matters you know -- -- -- you guys deliver without fail time after on and and you delivered in the 2009 Super Bowl performance and I -- that was something men. You guys have collectively said no lip -- whatsoever it was going to be -- -- wanted to percent -- managed to get your thoughts on Super Bowl. With Madonna's performance in the game and general. Yeah. Well our elective abortions will hold ya -- -- we have with -- Directly after all ideas but -- -- We thought all -- -- you know they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery all by now again we got to rethink the whole war now Bill -- did go that Israel. And don't. All -- coaches who vote -- that's very true very Fredricka the president it was -- -- that -- It was authentic that's a long. -- -- who wouldn't -- just came back and created that at. And and now we get -- right exactly you know -- has been. It's -- little Hummer is out now Netflix and question maturity you know you street vendors saying yeah Stephen van -- continued success -- keep rocket thank you may be doing at a radio -- go to underground garage dot com. Find out what station -- -- town that we -- that every -- we will be doing that Pakistan. They care cool.

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{"id":15524137,"title":"Steven Van Zandt Gets Put on Ice In 'Lilyhammer'","duration":"6:37","description":"The busy actor-rock star talks up his innovative Netflix mob series.","url":"/Entertainment/video/steven-van-zandt-put-ice-lilyhammer-15524137","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}