Style Expert Stacy London Reveals Her Eating Disorders and Skin Disease

"What Not to Wear" co-host says her psoriasis led her to a career in fashion.
3:00 | 07/10/13

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Transcript for Style Expert Stacy London Reveals Her Eating Disorders and Skin Disease
She's been transforming wardrobes and telling us what not to Wear for ten years helping women of all shapes and sizes. And -- not just their looks but also their lives as well. With the show coming to an end this summer style expert Stacy London is taking on a new cause it is very personal to her and she's here to talk to us about it now welcome Stacy -- log on to welcome. -- I have to tell you I was super nervous about what to -- an appetizing OK anybody in -- needing a key test in -- -- points -- -- -- is that our summer summer color -- -- Fabulous time new okay okay so you're gonna run with jeweled flag up and sound and look great on every game that is a load off little I was nervous this morning OK I was that's trying to trying to impress you -- honest admittedly. -- ten. Chicken -- -- -- you tell us your shows coming to NN how -- -- -- people how do you think it's been so successful is here well gosh. I mean it's it's amazing ten years is and gifts and can't believe that it -- on for ten years and that I had to -- ten years on television I was really and but no hey you know -- the reasons that I think that it was popular was because. Really. -- themselves a little bit in the shadow. And the idea that. Change is possible that you can transform yourself and your attitude and the way you think about yourself and we see yourself simply by. May be changing what -- -- is a pretty powerful idea. And to really see it in action. I think really kept hope alive for a lot of people. Do we think weren't necessarily changing their -- Germany is sitting at home watching the channel. You know it -- think well I can do wonder if I want to. And that's good enough. And and it would you know unlike a lot of issues it was educational and entertaining at the same time it -- you know you can you really could -- A way information from -- that you can apply you're shopping the next day or you can just laugh along. You know -- and Clinton of the contributor and us being -- you or the contributor being funny. And there was a lot to enjoy. One of the things that I -- -- ratified about it is that. A lot of moms we -- -- -- watch -- with their daughters or sisters who live across the country would sit on the phone and watch it together in -- fact that -- Weren't. You cross generational all. You know I -- eighty year old fans an eight year old fans I. It's pretty. Think it's so much about the show you -- hope and you are the style expert to everyone comes to you for help. He -- republic -- about sharing your personal battles. Particular with your weight can explain how you got to you right now I am I I wrote a book on the truth about style which in retrospect was probably the wrong title which it probably in the treatment Stacy -- -- But I I did talk a lot about how my personal life experience and my professional work experience have kind of com mingle and why -- -- -- -- sort of the perfect wave for me to utilize. Both. Life -- mastered the best way to explain it. And am in my personal life I did have eating disorders when I was younger but even before my eating disorders. On I was diagnosed with the skin disease called -- -- which is actually an autoimmune disease when I was four. And at four years old it's pretty scary to be diagnosed with a disease. Which is chronic and life long. I also didn't understand it I just had bumps behind my ears and there wasn't -- -- education about it certainly not that I was getting from my dermatologist. That I -- I internalized. The fact that I felt -- And that I -- I felt light. I was different than other people way before my skin a lot worse by the time I was eleven. By which point I was covered in red scales -- -- -- to. And that's when kids were really crucial because play and looked really weird and had your comment how to do well I didn't -- -- and then fight night. My preoccupation with sort of appearance led me to pursue a career in fashion. Now that was sort of an unhealthy for a compelling. Story -- In the sense that I really -- a lot of personal self confidence I went. For -- in my professional life I learned. How to style I learned about action I learned how to dress -- learned how to make people look pretty and pictures look good and I want to do that. But it wasn't until I got to went -- to where. That I was able to take my lack of self confidence and security my empathy and understanding. Of people felt that -- about themselves. And my ability to dressed people. So that we can find a way for them to feel. More beautiful and confident about themselves he -- -- campaign as wild thing that's correct so I just started a campaign which is really natural outgrowth of all of this called uncover your confidence dot -- which is for psoriasis sufferers. And it is about how to empower and inform yourself. Not just about the disease but -- to carry yourself with beauty and confidence because it is a disease that really does. Not. Rob you of confidence but clouds your confidence and that's why we choose uncover your confidence we need to unpack. All this stuff that the disease can do to get back to and speaking of how to dress for summer can you tell us what one summer do -- one summer -- is well -- Only -- this website you -- your confidence back on what we wanted to do was -- wanted to be able to give modern fashion. Through the lens of having slices so let's say look what you're wearing -- -- a sleeveless and it -- -- -- cover your knee length if you had to assist you might be concerned about killing your outlets or your knees for boat. Friday so we look for trends that would still speak to what's going on today this summer. But we will look for things with that in mind so for example instead of -- mideast are we what might recommend a mideast -- Those are really popular this summer which are to the calf. They're much wider their -- small waist and big -- A line skirts with more volume. That's -- beach fifty -- that's very popular right now. But immediately give somebody with psoriasis the option more coverage rather -- coverage for their -- that sounds. Her thank you so much Stacy for joining us is in a pleasure having you here.

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{"id":19633599,"title":"Style Expert Stacy London Reveals Her Eating Disorders and Skin Disease","duration":"3:00","description":"\"What Not to Wear\" co-host says her psoriasis led her to a career in fashion.","url":"/Entertainment/video/style-expert-stacy-london-reveals-eating-disorders-skin-19633599","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}