Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath 'Cruises' Along

Singer tells how you can vacation with your favorite '90s bands.
4:02 | 01/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath 'Cruises' Along
Fans of the ninety's here's your chance to take a little vacation with some of the biggest names in the music world. Mark McGrath lead singer for sugar -- headline this special -- to the Bahamas. And he's here would beat the other I can be apart of this this is this is the man I first heard about doesn't like this is crazy. A big fan it's gonna disclose that right now thank you how how do we make this happen you know it's funny today there's so many cruise ships there's you -- Keith Urban has -- -- Blake Shelton does -- It's lot of big -- Kid Rock has a cruise ship in. What you -- get a bunch of ninety's bands together and go on a cruise and I put toward the end of last year called Somerville and had ever cleared Gin Blossoms -- and the boat people the credible people heard about and -- -- still on the ocean as a great. Got some bands together smash mouth gin blossom Sugar Ray Marcy Playground -- -- Spin Doctors. Ed from Clinton saw it from -- going through my playlist in college and I -- -- Clark my heart of the Pacific. This music of the -- yes it's truly the most for an interactive experience you can go or on -- cruise ship weren't going anywhere right right right we haven't practiced it -- playing shuffle board doing all these fun things. And performing as well and all these bands really and here's the -- this is knocking back the fans this is and a quick autograph and picture and see you later. This is let's make some relationships. The coolest thing every vote he would see is that. You guys are still very close and obviously in the ninety's he formed a great bond again with a huge musical revolution going on. But nobody hears you guys are still kind of kept that tight community absolutely you know I think at the time wrongly charts of -- once on the rocket pinching each other angle you believe -- legalized experience. Where were on the cover of Rolling Stone right and TV ad -- were selling millions of records back in air when he sold records -- and -- think robbery fortune to have -- and it was right about back and so we have established these bonds and you know what bands in the fifties and sixties and seventies they're still playing together. We're now on the ninety's for -- always be playing together in some capacity so it's I -- industries chain of obvious you've changed to -- you've got twins three year -- to me that that's got to have a huge impact in the work that you -- there is no bigger -- and that you know it's funny yet look at my -- ago. I better put the screws together how to get this artwork Geathers and I'll ask why and some guys on ice along route way you know a private schools -- -- Potts Doug and -- -- actually influenced -- creative as well you know. It that things become there's -- -- to what I'm doing now and -- got to focus -- southeast winds. But it's nice got a lot rock roll -- -- -- I still get to elect. How one put my youth and one foot in my -- so your first 1459 obviously -- the fifteen minutes of fame and it's only important musicians are suffer because it just. It's your you're on top one minute and then they'll have even heard -- you elected day later. You've been able to maintain though that level of exposure and experience what's the secret. I just stuck around them I'm not naive enough to try new things you know -- -- an extra not trying to learn how to host this thing had no hosting skills. And I was trying to six months and in my tenure there an extra I've got locked into the 7-Eleven where I was -- -- Do you were terrible when we started we're getting better camp. Might willingness to -- in front of people has kept me alive I don't have -- -- -- -- -- -- the 7-Eleven at. -- but that's at six of them -- I have yet but actually it's 6 the morning when I've been a 7-Eleven anything -- currently. Some and obviously you're always trying new -- -- you've alluded -- a little -- on -- that you might be having some new music coming on the -- 82 things -- your hand if you're fortunate you -- -- -- -- you play live and you create new music and certainly begin -- live in the -- copiers and recently have gotten together -- -- -- -- sugar and -- -- new songs and I think my First Solar record this summer had a little EP the -- Is about the industry is no one's looking for Mark McGrath record that's a good news because I can -- -- -- -- -- good news second release a record just purely for creative purposes and you'd like to put a record get a today at least on iTunes -- a whole new world. And that's the -- -- clearly had you haven't heard me sing. Somewhat -- as a singer dad Brian are putting out your back -- Mark -- -- summit back strata but what he really appreciate it.

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{"id":18358355,"title":"Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath 'Cruises' Along ","duration":"4:02","description":"Singer tells how you can vacation with your favorite '90s bands.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sugar-rays-mark-mcgrath-cruises-18358355","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}