Sugarland on Stadium Collapse Tragedy

Part 4 of "In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts."
7:14 | 11/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sugarland on Stadium Collapse Tragedy
They were riding high as one of the biggest selling tour groups of the last decade the superstar duo Sugar Land. Made up of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian bush. But then came that deadly stage collapse -- one of the concerts just last summer due to a freak windstorm. So how -- you go back to work to singing. After a tragedy like that. They had never talked about a publicly. Until now. And -- reports. And my. Do you when he -- Jennifer Nettles and Kristian bush. The -- that make up -- The human heart is an incredible. Machine. During their incredible machine tour. They let me jam with him during a sound check. -- If the tour work every -- US filled with fans holding up the same sign. -- Powerfully positive message -- -- powerhouse country music there. Push the limits of what it means that the country -- and she. From -- -- day. For the latest tonight. Develop a fiercely loyal fan base. That have made their concert some of the most popular. In country music. Their latest tour began almost two years ago. Is it. An ambitious vision with a giant machine inspired set. Of two years and machinery. -- -- scheduled that was the Blue Line. 129. Cities over fourteen month. I usually say. You know if you want to know where to send them mail send it to Nashville if you where to find me. Come to the bottom bunk on the passenger side in that that's where -- -- in me. Most and that it's up. This August at the Indiana state fair everything changed with a dust program. That beat Indiana state fair. Moments before a concert by country superstar Sugar Land. Moments before Sugar Land with a step on stage high winds took down the massive rigging of the production. 45 were injured. Seven people who lost one. I would imagine going through something like that. Has to change you adding any sort of crisis. Can test our fame and push -- to Ireland's for sure there will always be -- before. That happened and after. You could have been on that stage. Was about to -- That night has. A storm was six. -- know when you win and how strong. Sugar Land was standing by. Underneath the stage the question was and should the show go on. And Helen Karen tour manager came down and said their gonna whole. In recent pain and no sooner had she said that then. Just what you think is as far as like everything suddenly looked dark and then wind and impassioned. Middle. Sound and then. The ceiling of dressing room. -- worked and shattered and everyone went to the wall because. We didn't know what was happening -- the senior editor who. I didn't see the whole thing happen until like the rest of the country I watched it on the news and and yes. I mean there are no there are no words. For that kind of of tragedy and for. The power of nature and what happened. Yeah. When you're -- in the room when you -- and you knew that people who had come. To see Sugar Land monster lives. What went through your your -- your mind I went. Did you feel a sense of responsibility. I felt a sense of connection. Two months after the tragedy. Both Jennifer and Christian returned to India. -- -- -- You learn how scared. I thought maybe a bomb went off for something I know I had no idea. Their first time seeing the aftermath since the day of the collapse. They're -- and instruments still under the debris. You bring -- know what to do it just dust everywhere and then. -- Everything -- it was an earthquake under the stands. A makeshift memorial with seven American flags one for each of the seven. Away from him. Christian -- -- the department. Which reads. -- -- the play -- what we do. We -- that are part of the music thing I mean that's the only thing really that you can do it. And I feel like something I feel like action. There's -- play well. -- And play is what they did. They gave a concert for all of the fans who were there a bad day. There. Every season. -- paid for by the stadium and Sugar Land using their music a positive message of the strength of the incredible machine to bring joy. Help -- to escape. To help deal.

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{"id":14911336,"title":"Sugarland on Stadium Collapse Tragedy","duration":"7:14","description":"Part 4 of \"In the Spotlight With Robin Roberts.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/sugarland-stadium-collapse-tragedy-14911336","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}