No! Super Bowl Interrupted

Jimmy Kimmel gets audience to turn off the TV during Super Bowl parties.
3:44 | 02/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for No! Super Bowl Interrupted
Last week I issued a challenge to our viewers as I'm known to do time time I -- -- watching the Super Bowl with their friends or family. To wait until crucial moment in the game and then unplug the TV just now. A -- fraction of the online comments suggested that -- what was gonna get killed doing this no one was killed in fact only thirty people were hospitalized over. Faster and upload the videos to YouTube under the title hey Jimmy -- I unplug the TV during the game. And I have to say I'm very proud of the many many people who did we -- some great videos. And here now we've compiled the best of the best. Let the unplugging Begin. -- And -- We're going home wounded he. -- Find new homes. I'm sorry. Not home. Well here. We'll let you know we're. Those who live. And and are. -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The it. Okay. Although more. OK. Yeah. Is home to do. Okay. -- -- Okay.

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{"id":15527814,"title":"No! Super Bowl Interrupted","duration":"3:44","description":"Jimmy Kimmel gets audience to turn off the TV during Super Bowl parties.","url":"/Entertainment/video/super-bowl-parties-interrupted-by-jimmy-kimmel-prank-15527814","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}