Surf's Up With Dillon Perillo

The rising star talks about the Rip Curl Pro surfing event in San Francisco.
3:35 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Surf's Up With Dillon Perillo
The world's top surfers will all be hanging ten in the city by the bay for the rip curl pro event. It's one of the last -- in the world tour and Dillon Perillo is one of surfers who's gonna be there he joins us now to talk about that Dillon has gone today. I'm good area I'm doing well thanks. Yeah well recently presently is jumped up a lot of share and so if you when you make a lot more money in the new Nissan makes how much we talking. -- east it's around 35. For me thousand dollars now wow. Actually had a contests in New York. Coupled called -- back I was 300000 for the first place that's. Pretty cool to have certain 3040000 that's not chump change than -- thought it not that bad burn they have art show is being held in San Francisco right now correct me if I'm wrong great whites any kind of concern realizes. You you go -- those I don't not figure out there on the board. Definitely definitely you know it's it's really rare United's doesn't happen very often they say it's more dangerous driving to the beach than is actually being in water deliberation -- sharking. You better chance getting hit by cars of. -- OK art what they've been Ben Thomas seeking you -- keep in mind that it drives a pleasure getting -- event. I mean you -- -- rising stars in the surfing road to twenty years old and guess that you probably were sort it's working pretty much before you can walk right. Barton. Hall not and started -- five just about after -- For his -- I -- and you just instantly took to -- Well I don't really remember but I remembered. Enough that I. Actually like. Then I was kind of naturally lesson that is Kelly came with me. And now here I am still -- and then making a living some pretty happy about it. Man it's it's it's -- -- than a year. -- your work out on the water there it's you gotta deal to react so quickly. Now the big -- -- in your way. Kelly Slater looks like he is the favorites learn now his -- his eleventh. World title -- -- is that little intimidating you know going up against someone that's had that kind of success. Tom is it is an especially for me like it's I'm pretty new to -- though he's been around for alarm. I actually serving -- -- and lip curls contest last year -- C I was freeing terrorists million units this. -- look at it as it's another guy in the water with dealers and the senate like anyone else. What what you know what what is the circuit life and -- and he -- -- fierce competition obviously in the water it's lot different you know -- to dry out from you guys hang out together I mean is it like. Friendly animosity. Yes a lot French have gone on to small world several -- -- -- There's like other there's different parts asserting -- -- besides a contest and people know each other from new registry surfing in his hand out water and but there's different cliques and -- lead we all get along and analysts it's all of its all fun. What what kind of -- you have obviously for this competition in Frisco. Well that's the way of consensus because it's not much a high performance let us morally and they're like open -- It's really -- -- -- lot of water moving -- Can make sure -- the violin and just trying a -- yes. Well we're gonna wish the -- -- the rip curl pro events happening San Francisco through November 11 Dillon Perillo. Thanks so much good luck best of luck to you.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"The rising star talks about the Rip Curl Pro surfing event in San Francisco.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14859613","title":"Surf's Up With Dillon Perillo","url":"/Entertainment/video/surfs-dillon-perillo-14859613"}