Susan Lucci and Helmut Huber Face AFib

Famous couple discusses his battle with AFib and their charity to help others.
5:10 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Susan Lucci and Helmut Huber Face AFib
Today I'm heading to one of my favorite restaurants in the yard pass -- today. Where I'm meeting with an actress who -- -- the role of a lifetime that actually changed my life Susan Lucci Erica -- from All My Children -- -- -- -- -- -- Under one and only has been helmet Hubert and they -- at a charity that's near and dear to their -- This since day one obviously. And you know there was a pivotal scene in Erica Kane's life where she. Got to be a moderately consent. And I remembers child's life I'm going to be tasks like that and then I watched and routes and hike in Catholic and that's. You literally have changed people's lives not just line the people and thank you that's just wonderful story to -- In my life and eight. You met in a restaurant in Garden City you were waitress singing and you were the executive chef and Timbaland has the -- her -- It hit and you've been together ever since well I was in college and I -- he was a very attractive man but -- golden. -- -- -- Been very -- your life and and I think that was one of the reasons for doing your book all my life. It was really our son -- said mom I think should write a book because everybody knows Erica Kane but nobody knows you. And also he -- a lot of the girls he dates once they know I'm his mom they want to know my story -- -- I know how did I do it how do I do it. And that this is a great opportunity to speak too good to hear from people all the time -- multi Jerry's absolutely watching. And that's very exciting and very unique kind of opportunity. It is really -- because that character really does speak to every generation. And she could think she back in the day -- Still goes out it went broke every -- But but it was interesting because. All through my life my career I've been an economic children and -- pine valley and every time I mention your name there's not a person of that that is meant you it has a negative thing to say about it. A helmet Telus. Amid occasionally human Briere became. -- think you know I mean it. Listen -- you know that we're -- -- thinking of ending that. Let's talk about why we're here today and you are the star of today really. You know they and he hit me in the exact myself up here at -- out this is your moment. Facing a fed. You know really -- threat. -- I was really shocking to me that the united -- small surgical. Operation my children. And the sent him the benefit physical exam so we can go ahead and doing just fine. Of intimate. To the KG and they. The nurse and doctor comes in and he looks -- little things -- -- we have a problem when you. You know you have an irregular heartbeat just like that. I support him in social -- and in my previous in KG from maintenance. And then -- from England -- And the show for the whole lines. I was shocked so I had no symptoms. None whatsoever sitting in locating the -- none of this Simonyi. And and thankful and Susan went away at work you know and she'd been bright enough action to find the best. -- challenges you know due to go and see what what what has been ten years ago you found him. Over ten years ago and I mean they haven't let's -- facing a -- that calmly can go on and they get some knowledge children's. So that -- intelligent questions we have -- any. Can take if you choose to you can take a little test right there and see if you have any the reasons to go and find out more for yourself and take care of yourself. You have come and an irregular heartbeat which is really went AC is -- that relation. Chris 2.3 million Americans -- happy and if you are diagnosed with they hit your five times more likely Begin stroke. If that's -- comes to may -- You are twice as likely -- to have that be -- fatal stroke or even more debilitating than honest to suddenly thrown into this. Serious situation. But now with a fifth facing -- -- dot com didn't get all information you need and I always felt that it would be good. I go with helmet to his many of Clinton's as I can I think it's a really good thing to go with your loved one if it's not you -- that is -- -- have a loved one come with you. Because you have an extra pair of very loving caring eyes and ears that may just hear things. A little differently. Well. I thank you for being here today and contributing to console that -- really been extraordinary for -- and and I hope we FitzGerald us with everybody thank you so much --

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{"id":15165850,"title":"Susan Lucci and Helmut Huber Face AFib ","duration":"5:10","description":"Famous couple discusses his battle with AFib and their charity to help others. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/susan-lucci-helmut-huber-face-afib-famous-couple-all-my-children-star-charity-entertainment-15165850","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}