Tabatha Coffey Talks Tough Love and Why it Works!

Reality TV Star offers up her tips on how to be the boss of your life.
9:50 | 04/16/14

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Transcript for Tabatha Coffey Talks Tough Love and Why it Works!
Let's -- the -- hand over your keys I'm taking over. You sort of know you're in trouble have a -- coffee who has turned dozens of failing hair salons around. Doesn't play. I would be embarrassed. To have a client coming he had almost five. Yet you have an excuse for everything. To -- to -- seeing that his -- -- breaks being located in harassing. Another excuse analysts again -- is the funniest thing that had the same. It's funny to me that it decided that I can't even believe -- I heard. And making a name for herself telling it like it is on her Bravo TV reality show -- -- -- takes over and now -- the new book. Called alone it -- the Boston to a life at home and the workplace so. We're gonna hand over the keys just for a -- because I'm a little little little nervous. Like it. -- -- I appreciate that congratulations on the book. You talk about in any. In the show in the book as well you talk about -- people that come to you with problems. Either in their relationships or in the workplace that want to make it work make its success but this curtain went really have it in them. To succeed. I think sun yeah I think we'll do I think we get blocked we get -- we get -- of change. Fear paralyzes us we don't know what to do so and the comfort zone and is -- -- -- the rocking the boat and changing something. We believe everyone tells us rationally believe that we should do -- -- should do that instead of listening to ourselves. And that's what the book is all about. You would what are the things he did that obviously you are very well known for is being tough love and what of the first could actually be -- -- chapter where I don't do hugs. You don't you don't do -- -- I mean look I think -- -- time and place and out what arc. It is at the time will replace Brett at home with friends and family of coal sector of course a health threat but in the business place -- -- I don't think it's appropriate. It sends the wrong message to -- And you don't want ground hugging and laughing every -- -- it would have it one of the things that you also talk about and and I want to ask you about this because. You talk about a word that rhymes with it -- that you had to redefine. And own it as is mentioned in the title as well. That spells out these words brave intelligent tenacious creative honest. We -- actress of the word but the fact of the matter is is that when you are called that -- called that he said it was unsettling to you. Those are instantly because that what has such a negative connotation to it -- and it was said. -- -- Italy which is interesting. But it just felt so negative when people -- actually coming up to me in the beginning of being on television instead of saying. -- federal fuel that -- a lady from TV saying that was it. That was really upsetting to me in very unsettling and that's why I decided to play -- it and take the -- and and -- around make a positive and made me feel like I actually underneath it. What would I think is that you do and his focus was that you offer some some personal stories -- personal -- as well let me -- -- off. You had a very nontraditional childhoods coming a little bit about that because -- think that that -- a lot of the flavor for your show but also for the book as well my parents. -- nightclubs in Australia there actually. Strip clubs. Was -- then go Philadelphia man will -- -- Transsexual girls in the and that -- environment I grew up beaten and it sounds very -- and I'm not saying his traditional by any means to me it was totally normal and it was very comforting environment and it allowed. This little of the skull that was picked on at school to go to the safe haven of currencies. As I couldn really took care of me and told me that I was fabulous and told me -- to -- me. You're obese is a child -- and how and and how did you lose the way. Come I think a lot of it is Ainge and getting to really know your body and listening to and what's healthy to me what makes me feel good when I put it in my body what keeps me that -- -- to get through today. What exercise -- I like to do and something that mindset of I wanted to look like of the people. And I realized that I never would look like a model and actress that I picked up because I'm not them I don't have that -- he types he does have to -- -- comfortable feud. It -- have a lot of times and obviously if it goes beyond. Hair styling it goes about -- you talk about in the book about empowerment and about giving people that sense of self esteem. That goes hand in hand not only with what you see in the outside the with what's on the inside as well. I think it's really important to feel good. And that that doesn't mean we're always going to look good this very different you have to feel confident the sign that we're all going to have bad days I have bad days I have days -- -- -- time. He got fat they need to go on a diet I hate the way -- little that signal we all have that day. But it's really in -- an annual -- feeling really comfortable and confident about the person you love choices you make. And being able to -- -- about the decisions that you make on a day today faces especially with the Korea. With -- personal life that you all are driving. -- life not someone else's in China and. I don't wanna give away the whole book but that you also talking with -- that's very important and this -- the 32 rule. Which I was surprised when I read this right to beat because the fact is is that -- -- first explained that with the 32 rulings. Elementary -- -- especially for me three seconds feels like and in Tennessee had so before I just blood something out I still. Take three seconds and then phrase but I won't say does come out. Brash sometimes yes but not as -- -- as if I didn't take that three seconds and I think it's really important that everyone to this kind of take a minute. Have that three seconds taken -- and then sales and -- I think what movies very surprised to hear that because when we can watch the show we see very rapid fire response to easy but that of course you've seen. A lot and we've been horrified by some of the month that asthma if you evidently we've been through. I'm of what it lets you choose someone actually that road and on your website asking for some guidance in business but -- -- -- fan from Panama that that brought this about to start a business. I haven't done it because of fear. Because of -- to fail. That it is that that's a huge stumbling block how do you get over so -- Tulsa went to to get over the fact that you know what -- -- scrape -- -- You know what you need to sit down into the plant so when you sit down to that -- you should actually do what happened if it fails what some love seeing that can happen. How much lately is what's gonna happen to my family think everything -- Because then you feel old. Like you prepay -- and you also can look at it going in a lot. That isn't going to happen. My imaginations running away with me the world's not going to -- I'm not going you know to be out on the street this is what -- that's what could happen. And you need to facing fear head on me Islamist -- informed and they're educated about the decision you'll going into in the popular going through. They you can make the right decision but not living -- -- -- being paralyzed by fiat isn't an option because they and -- to come in and sit back and say. I wish I did it you know what would happen if I tried -- And then you are always looking behind simple people. You talk about how it applies to the business were over the same time -- you also give some advice. On hand in relationships as well which I was kind of surprised about the hand in hand. Traits that having successes in both fields share. I think to be success we need to be successful in ready come have a great work life and terrible post election vice Versa. And I think the same things come down it it's like. Managing stopped and handling stopped working as a team and being with people you need to compromise. He need to listen you need to be and spending. He need to be flexible there'll same qualities that we put in twelve relationships and postal life as we do -- about business life. And I think the balance. Is the thing that's really hot to -- people as we very driven or luck. Sometimes we don't put that same commitment into outposts -- relationships and in twelve -- to take care of ourselves as well. Lesson before it was about want to ask you about this or you know we oftentimes see the problems that are in the salons and some of the questions that you -- asked either on your website or directly from people on the street you know -- chatting about this. It may seem to have common threads through these seem to be very similar. Or was part of the reason for writing the book saying that you you you -- just getting kind of frustrated with this very similar problem cropping up and finally just a matter saying. Need to take this advice you need to buck and finally adhered to this club gives people some structure to move through things because the same questions to come up a lot about how to I stop my business so what do I do have -- keep strong seller. The -- seeing here is how I live my life and how -- found success and hopefully continue. To do so and don't get stock and paralyzed by via. And trust in myself and be able to say -- someone without offending them. And making the right decision for me so these through all the things that I have through trial and -- as -- -- today. Have what to me in my personal life and my business life but also with dealing. With five seasons of taking over other people's business and seeing same common theme. Come all the way through so it's giving everyone out that the advice to -- -- all the questions that people stop me announcement on the street or riding through social media. Well I think black -- -- -- to be changed by this and I think phone it's quite have a -- thank you so much continued success.

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