Tamara Tunie Talks TV, Stage and Her Addiction to Reality TV

From new hit drama to the stage, how does she find time to do it all?
3:00 | 04/07/14

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Transcript for Tamara Tunie Talks TV, Stage and Her Addiction to Reality TV
Health. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't. And out. And coming -- my -- Electronic. -- On the edge and intense as always that of course to mark -- in Sundance TV's new fan favorite the red road. It just wrapped its debut season with great finale leaving its new found audience calling. For more for another season. Or -- -- tomorrow here -- today congratulations on the news on the first season banking some communities -- -- -- that you bring such intensity to all of your characters did this when particularly in. And thank you and yet in this in this obviously is special because the first time this is -- -- Well yeah it's the first time today the first series that starting from the very inception and you ballad and in. Coming in with this new character and creating this character with a writer and that's been really great you know there's a lot of so I joined likens these two or something like that. So it's very exciting to. Whatsoever that the clever process because when you're working with someone else and in you ultimately have to be able to deliver on that care yeah. But it is that it -- that has to be developed with more than just -- person can't just come from your own mind invasion. Well you know of course you know -- the writer Aaron -- -- -- He came and he he came up with all of these characters and he definitely had a lot of like history and background for them already in place. And then of course you know that I can bring my I can add to that and bring my own ideas to that. And that while we're shooting -- stuff if if there's like a lion or situation that just doesn't. Feel right for the character you know. Both he and Bridget carpenter who is the -- co executive producer with him they're both very open to you know. Hearing what we have to say hand and holding it so that it it is you know really kind of organic entry to the character that. We -- creating so it's it's been awesome so it is everywhere the present -- -- three words how would you describe your character. Strongly. Maternal. And dark past. Forward. Because I admit that this that's -- spot on description. Oh by the way things yeah imagine maternal that by the Jason -- who plays your son. Brett. With the he could have played a love interest -- -- I know -- the first bodies just -- the most stunning. Men on planet and he's such a sweet person just a great great. Human being you -- and we're having a good time it. It I got modeled after the about a central Nevada Matt but -- eight he's just a lot Simon it's just so great to work with you know he he really is. A very kinds of compassionate kind of actor you know where he wants to be on institute what he's doing but also he wants to make sure that you're okay as well you know so we work really really well again. I've been watching the chemistry is there is a very said the -- relationship with that you guys have developed which obviously has to be able to read on screen as well yes exactly exactly you have of everyone of course -- you as Melinda Warner medical examiner for a law and order from. Fourteen seasons right fourteenth season -- -- of records. Well it's a record for me in I came in season two is really just to do you know an episode or two -- that it became a recurring -- then became a series regular. And -- been great and so I'm still -- on that even though I'm doing. These other projects. Still doctor Warner still around -- what makes it so entry. I think you know at the end of the day -- the writing I mean great writing you know very compelling stories you know. As they say you know inspired by some headlines you know event. The writers always have a really interesting kind of twist. So I think that's what keeps people watching not just the new episodes but I don't know how many people come -- -- digest that did a marathon all weekend. Orders. You know sat back out of there I think and it is like it it's like no matter how many times you've seen the episode you still watch it and I think. I think because it's very satisfying that and you know 47 minutes. We tell this story and wraps up at the end with things and usually the bad guy gets there -- that I think that finds the audience finds that there is -- he's. Writing in -- -- the in the writing is equally as strong I would argue on the red road as well did your thoughts that. -- -- -- proliferation you know of reality television unscripted with without ever appeal to you know. Because -- I think I think they'll get a lot of lectures as I spoke to -- -- that you're really the heart of them of a great. It's of a great movie experience really is the right. Absolutely absolutely. And you know you know reality TV certainly has its place that its -- you know and to you know I have some guilty pleasures that I was myself. You know but he like that you share but yet I love the sounds the sounds that real love -- -- that's what I haven't gotten into my husband and I are like. Attic of the south wow that's really the only -- -- okay. And the Amazing Race I love you raise rates but of the of -- -- right you know and you know I'll never say never right but you know I. I'm an actor and I'd like to have a script that is really kind of compelling that I can connect to. And in a real way and and go forward with that so you know and in most of the shows I've done on television dramas so I -- -- -- -- -- But but. A visit is long as you noted I think everyone gives you that much more respect for. I also read somewhere that you had a -- of of an upper hand in preparing for a role of -- medical examiner because that your upbringing from where you live. Yes yes yes well you know and I grew up in a few -- okay both my parents. I was born into the funeral business so you know I was costly surrounded by you know. People who had deceased you know and also. People who are mourning those who were to -- right now so it's. It was you know it's very different than being a medical examiner -- medical examiner is much more. You know you can he did in there and the -- is his job this light. After the medical examiner has done their thing. To make the person looked like the person that the loved one's new right you know and my dead and my mother. Were. Just the best at making people look like they were just sleeping. -- did you ever have a desire to go into the family business did not collect. Robert early early today now down not -- not at all actually what I've really that I would do is go to Madison. And all through high school I was preparing to go to college for Madison. -- but my my senior year -- high school you know. Performing with something that I always did as a kid you know not professionally but school and church and singing and dancing and acting you know. And up my singing your eyes look like you know what this is really what I'm passionate -- oh. I think -- you know pursue this and so I -- -- -- of Carnegie Mellon University which is in Pittsburgh my hometown. And was accepted. And you know was kind of like going in blindly I really didn't know. How competitive it was to get into one of these at a conservatory schools like -- Juilliard theme you're. You know. So I guess ignorance is kind of blitz and -- so it up you know I just showed up and did my thing you know. And -- and enjoy going back -- -- theater routine avenue play up in the library its fifteenth. Is I think -- fifteenth is the premiere I'm really thrilled about it this is an amazing. Kind of look that. Gun violence and the aftermath and it's really you know takes place after school massacre but the focus really is that not so much about you know. Guns and that it's more about how. Different. Divergent truths can come out of the same event in -- and you know whose truth is. More valuable or -- truth or who you know or what has to be sacrificed in order to me the truth that may not necessarily be. Accurate or factual you know so it's a really different kind of approach what it did did you come away changed from this and because well I did because. The -- is inspired by the events of the Columbine High School shooting. And so I read Dave Collins book which is one of the most. Amazing. And compelling and thorough and disturbing. Book I think I've ever ahead and so. So yes so I am change from this experience and Steven Soderbergh directed ran our play and you know he's this cinematic. Artist so the look of our plays very different -- I think -- thing. That anybody has ever seen on the American states. You know over so I encourage -- comes second after march 30 continued success to the red -- the library law and order. -- -- what man I. At by -- -- I'll be at 54 below here in Manhattan on May twentieth and may 27. Singing yes I think. Yeah and I'm doing a concert. And I'm focusing -- and I -- -- from Pittsburgh originally and so -- incredible artists have come out of Pittsburgh composers musicians singers. So unfocused seeing the show on those artists and I'm calling it legends from the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":23229609,"title":"Tamara Tunie Talks TV, Stage and Her Addiction to Reality TV","duration":"3:00","description":"From new hit drama to the stage, how does she find time to do it all?","url":"/Entertainment/video/tamara-tunie-talks-tv-stage-addiction-reality-tv-23229609","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}