The Taste Of Success

Nigella Lawson talks "The Taste," new book
6:52 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for The Taste Of Success
You -- your latest entertainment. From ABC news now. When it comes to food and cooking no one does that with more style enjoy the night Della -- as a young girl she learned from her mother. Not typical with recipes but the cook -- instinct. And that the loss of -- has brought her massive success as an off -- TV show hostess and judge of the new ABC reality show the taste. -- Kellan joins us now welcome. It's a great to have you care -- to -- here tell about the taste what made you decide to do this I didn't is when I was surprised I have to say a -- -- -- interest -- but I also felt. Release -- it. Now I think in life it's very very bad to two run away from exists they fight you initially. Says. I was I was so -- and I need to find out more and then when I knew that the idea of the central plank this was it could be and people a day. I -- now I just have to get through this because. I couldn't think of two more unlikely peoples of the pot of a reality she if you like that doesn't feel like Koreans and wouldn't do it is -- the part -- -- -- I think it's the what scared me was it was so on and it was an on the but actually that's that's one has to do in life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And says she could do with me and it might even the children with time and the government timing you it just so it just was -- it there was things and and it's pretty when it's cold in London you can be NN has proven while it's not a bad not a bad -- -- -- what I just to be. I thought if they found -- miles of the product will be frightening and I was licensed by the fountains with interesting because I feel like there must be so much pressure on these young. Cooks and chefs because they have to impress you with just one. But he seal it but -- also you know we have to try to bring out the best in -- that we -- trying to is not different ways. I'm certainly. No offices it's is that the teaching of -- -- tend to be very conflicted them. And home cooks tend not to be -- break moment of us. Side trying to encourage people you do things like a mentor and it stick comedy and I am also calls I'm in the behind me -- -- woman on. Judges -- -- I am not everyone's money anyway that's that's not very -- We have a little clip that we're gonna play. Says that -- I. In terms of cost and schedules my kitchen. Is on the strong it is sad that our teenage athlete but we're now down to three -- and wildly -- up fast when I'm making a -- says seared lamb chop. Please Kristina lemon zest and cheese -- Behind governor. He hopes the team went. So to marry you love that the good -- and -- -- that -- I want to bring out the best people in my need to. To explain that. The kitchen doesn't have to be that business stressful place now difficulties. They're doing -- show tonight that if I would competes in. -- and it is just it's stressful enough being a mental because. You I want to keep people calm but I need to prop them enough that they Jason bringing it and I don't know sometimes I felt. Eight you should I've been promised an -- I don't know but I think actually. On the whole people respond to encouragement. -- because telling people -- not good. Oaxaca where does that leave them -- and and sometimes people's say that the beef animals -- people really bring out the best and -- -- -- the -- with those with the most talented however I still think you need to make people feel. Encourage support -- And then -- have some talent also because it is so frightening -- that doing so when I'm with them I want to feel comforted the design that is. The debate women doing this senate challenge I'm not to put my arm around them so I need to give them enough. Enough support -- to get through those difficult but it's -- it seems like he's certainly -- -- -- take away for the contestants and from the audience about cooking. What would it be I think he would be dead the thing means no more what was very very interest in -- new additions stages. -- that the professional shifts. The missiles everything made it all too complicated. And actually. You can any registered set to moderate pace at one time. And if this too much going alone. It doesn't eating prison food is not that to make you -- the -- coalition if he does that to give -- to those who eating and I think. Has it to those who have -- highlight that keep it simple now. You also have a new book out an identity seem not exactly and now wasn't it -- -- written and inspired by the time -- Fenton -- yes it is true. And went to listening to Milan Italian and I was in between high school in university. And my death penalty -- and the only thing. It sick scheme restrooms in Nazi -- -- -- what was my don't. The -- and address not that I think he if it was and really valuable. Part of my -- one because it's incredibly important to be independent. And eyes firmly believe that know -- is demeaning. He did it well you do with dignity who will work has is important in and gives. Unto himself the sense of value -- -- by the time we went unit -- -- in the real world of it. I didn't take for granted that I was allowed to read books is his I didn't have to get up and -- bathrooms. Because I was grateful for it. Whereas those who went straight on to invest -- straight from high school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bryant. -- I don't know I think. He can put some -- so I think actually. It's terrible loss to defend himself from the -- self I would I'm not that nation it. I can provide to my and sustenance and and people but I thought enough about -- and it changed -- -- -- -- -- sunshine this child. The company's China -- didn't would have made -- through April we ask myself and I -- -- -- holiday and ever since then you -- -- retraction -- How well you could be my third -- days you know might be someone inside an Italian in my -- absolutely habitat and I -- -- thank you so much Kentucky the day.

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{"id":18505242,"title":"The Taste Of Success ","duration":"6:52","description":"Nigella Lawson talks \"The Taste,\" new book","url":"/Entertainment/video/taste-success-18505242","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}