Taylor Armstrong's Meltdown

Purewow.com's Amy Palmer on the 'RHOBH' star's emotional on-air outburst.
4:00 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for Taylor Armstrong's Meltdown
Time to get you caught up on the day's hot celebrity news Amy Palmer from pure allowed dot com is here if not then I be great to see -- revenue fell eight so. It's something I -- a little sad Taylor from the real housewives of Beverly Hills -- really had a bit of a rough time. She dead -- last night in the episode. She basically had a meltdown. And the reason was is that Camille had really let it out that she was being abused at this but she -- she was telling the girls. And Taylor was just really in a vulnerable stage -- was very hard to -- you know we have talked about before how this story line was very sensitive. You know how is probably going -- -- -- and they're really wedding at all hanging hanging out when she was on after the show and I discussed seeing that since she said you know it was a really vulnerable time for me. I was in fear of my life. So again this story lines very reality. Unfortunately a lot of people can relate to it and like I said I hope that can help somebody -- -- -- Taylor doing now at this point in time she's doing better obviously mean with CNET yeah these episodes and is difficult but she's using it as a platform to speak about domestic violence she is also writing about and of course her past made him Richards is going through some difficult times of her -- she is she has entered rehab. Sources -- said that during the Thanksgiving holiday you know -- that the family dinners she was slurring her words and she was all over the place. So it was a family decision to get her help and also watching yourself on television. She's seen some things that maybe she was in denial about she was -- trying to. In -- slip under the rug unfortunately. You know or fortunately she's now decided I I can't live like this anymore so. She's -- out and help rehab so -- let's switch gears now -- talk a little bit about Scarlett Johansson yet and her ex Ryan Reynolds you can't seem to stop talking about him what's going a mile and you know this relationships interest seems to me because Ryan Reynolds was madly in love with Scarlett Johansson and when they got married everyone kind of this is interesting they were so under the radar. Some people that even know they were -- dean two very talented actors in Hollywood very high profile. And -- -- relationship no marriage didn't work out because scarlet felt she was too young -- into that. Well -- she got her new found freedom dated Sean -- he was fifty years old she's 26. And you know that didn't work out Ryan moved on to Blake lively. Who is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and Scarlett is is having some -- saying marrying Ryan was the best thing she ever did so she's dropping these little comments here and there do you think in the hopes of winning Ryan back. I think that she regrets this decision. If Ryan will take her back I don't know he -- -- having a wonderful time with beautiful Blake lively you see them from looking at all these paparazzi pictures so. You know who knows she did break his heart your sources have said that he he was devastated when the marriage ended and rumors are that Brian and late may be moving -- -- Well there was some talk that they had gone apartment hunt gathering New -- but Ryan was the one who was going to be buying the IR and and Blake was there to get some feedback -- as a good girlfriend would. I don't think it -- yeah absolutely. Already we have another high profile couple it seems to have called it quits -- and Brad to what happened there will Communist you're not. You know was once engaged to maxim from dancing and I don't know if you know that that they are pretty hot couple of gas they weren't -- -- they broke up Max refused to do the show he was saying you know what I won't even -- got to get over that and marina. You know went on and found love with Brad Penny -- -- -- -- work out very either sources are saying they're two completely different people he was even there to support her during Dancing With The Stars. We never saw him in the audience so. She's single again. All right -- first let me say don't rely on than ever and Hollywood are that if if it is gorgeous in America. Amy Palmer thank you -- mind you --

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Purewow.com's Amy Palmer on the 'RHOBH' star's emotional on-air outburst.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15098184","title":"Taylor Armstrong's Meltdown","url":"/Entertainment/video/taylor-armstrongs-meltdown-15098184"}