Taylor Kitsch Tackles Classic Book in 'John Carter'

The actor talks about the challenges of becoming the iconic character.
2:08 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Taylor Kitsch Tackles Classic Book in 'John Carter'
Phoenix. The earth. -- just Johnson. You -- Boston. Joan Collins. Okay. Okay everybody you have Justine is seen from John Carter. And we have John Carter himself right here they -- kept. Let's start by -- being sensible. And I'll lose all traces of fan OK here but let's explain what John quarters -- those. Joseph Carter's a guy that when you first -- and I don't -- they go. That he -- things you know that John Carter. Think it. Yet the guy that's losses causes purpose -- -- during the civil war era. And he left to protect them in these -- -- ultimate price in losing them for -- and he cares that deal with. And through these -- humanity here and work marks. Basically the people he means the creatures means. He has mother's -- And other. We're here. -- and the -- parts. All of these. I mean you -- Willem Dafoe playing the leader of -- nomadic tribe. He's four arms and on all. Your comments featured weekly. That. Leadership in them. Sam Morton -- his daughter but how did you guys squeeze -- -- -- following nine foot four arms quite that would like it was quite the bodies in shape now. It's stretching -- his voice sounded exactly thing. Weird yet I don't know how that's That's Hollywood mystery he it is the magic yeah. -- -- -- I have to say rider witnesses -- movie directed by interest -- who is known forward. Genes work and answers. Finding Nemo -- Toy Story everywhere -- -- just little things if you try to enemy you know. Qichen -- I don't know I would be very curious if he did actually draw -- me. But no he did not try to I mean I'd love to do one with gamers at -- It was a honor to work for America and work with him. -- in that first meeting was incredible. With the and to walk out of that room being rated -- and me for this game. Great great feeling I'd love to do it again. Okay. Well what's amazing about the movie -- -- hate him carefully. And it's of the world news and we have to remember that that book was -- like contradict. Literally so everybody that might see this -- and say this may -- reminds me avatar here. We're here. It reminded all of those people that made this movie yeah they've read John -- yet. And they grew up with those -- in this game. And you know camera did you did you have any had foreknowledge that had no it was that first meeting while they're going to -- -- Ideas Gary -- -- And then literally went straight from that meeting to the bookstore. But -- Google something that he's ours and right -- Now now I didn't know it was just a general meeting when I get the call from the team it was just like -- you wouldn't you know and used words like Jeremy. Rhetorical question -- -- that it -- And if not happening. -- I just mean by Google anymore Internet right that we live in this world of -- the Internet thing. Why can't John Carter -- John Renner and you know he'd have active ones that we -- And it's like I think everyone just needs to -- be patient be opened the Internet doesn't -- Hasn't he gets -- Italy -- no reason yet to keep people reacting to criticism when everybody who becomes you see -- Then everybody has their own opinion which is there which is fair totally -- you -- that fail but you've got the whole world thing now what you have been instituted in that. What he did going to denial. Not -- you patiently tell them look walks the film. They open to it. What are you doing -- that doesn't work in. -- that's what you do you be patient you're like we earned that title it's truly an important story. And so it's it's. Comes full circle. Again and you do it will be Carter -- -- The you know then we get that title in.

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{"id":15850060,"title":"Taylor Kitsch Tackles Classic Book in 'John Carter'","duration":"2:08","description":"The actor talks about the challenges of becoming the iconic character.","url":"/Entertainment/video/taylor-kitsch-tackles-classic-book-john-carter-15850060","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}