Taylor Swift Fights Back Against Love-Life Criticism

The 23-year-old singer tells Vanity Fair that she's not a "desperate girlfriend."
1:12 | 03/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Swift Fights Back Against Love-Life Criticism
Moving on to Taylor Swift who apparently gave an interview. And to the April edition of Vanity Fair where she's sounding off on a couple of things as she says that -- think it's unfair that. A female writes about her feelings and then is portrayed as clinging. I'm saying that desperate -- -- need of making you marry her and have her kids she says frankly I think it's a little. Sexist and she's a little sad about the I think -- -- think -- boy crazy and everybody says that she's dated all of these guys in Hollywood. But still -- it means you know once -- on -- -- exactly true guy is so. How about now. World left and all the way to the bank -- she was. -- -- Pepsi after totally different all kind of -- -- and combing golden do we some comments that were made by Amy -- the 2013 Golden Globe awards where she said. Issue -- Michael J. Fox -- -- her she warned. Tempted to -- from my go to -- -- the reputation that she hasn't now. Taylor's sentencing interviews said you know what and color she's going to help -- -- -- fired back and telling the Hollywood reporter. Now I feel bad and she's upset -- you know what I. No I'm going to help but it's -- -- -- for other stuff like -- -- -- not because of what has an idea that --

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{"id":18667056,"title":"Taylor Swift Fights Back Against Love-Life Criticism","duration":"1:12","description":"The 23-year-old singer tells Vanity Fair that she's not a \"desperate girlfriend.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/taylor-swift-fights-back-against-love-life-criticism-18667056","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}