Taylor Swift's new video 'Look What You Made Me Do' is filled with not-so-subtle references

ABC News' Michael Rothman and Catherine McKenzie give their takes on "He Said, She Said."
8:13 | 08/29/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Swift's new video 'Look What You Made Me Do' is filled with not-so-subtle references
Taylor swift's. New song new album new video I feel that it. It's it's a lot it's allowed to take and and. Legal for it. Let's awful event wow. Lack. Popular. Not against unfair of Latin who love what you do we're getting even that's about the Atlanta Saturday at a brigade of going to unhappiness with these are not Italy now and alacrity defunct aka. But let's talk a mile tunnel. I cannot say. I thought she'd gotten much that you and the fun that. We vehicles that loves Taylor when she denies that we just writing that any car broke and any number of hot in the he loved to. She's very strong anti cancer haters. Like she could be you know the dollar bill in the in the pool. That's okay gas that's a man you know. We go but we it's about time the whole episode her entire day but of all the top of the world for that suggesting that say about him. I love the chief coming outs wrong and saying look this is to life. And stop doing hard time haters wrong way I'm a good person and and I'm okay with that I just music with. I think a different day the music it's yet it's not. The catch is thing to turn on sterling probably change your mind to an obvious at the platoon be too quiet. The victims being cutting gets me a little bit IA. This and we have to separate make it very clear the DJ lawsuit. He was fully responsible for what he did mr. found guilty. Everything that came his way because of that the flak or whatever that's a separate issue. Victim when I think about her is it always seems light with break ups we and cape there me Mary and I. She I don't. The the acumen con in recordings. I've never seen her take responsibility for her part in anything so aside from something that is on defensible that we could put pen and at some point you could say like OK need be I had a role of dads and and look look I get hot headed so. It takes someone usually used to me down and say what your role in instigating this are escalating us so she may have started things but she tends to kind of she's a very sharp Smart person who controls are all narrative. All the time so that's kind of it would seem like she was more saying I'm killing my image that you guys had a knee. And that's it and there was no. Self cleaning. Respond what. I had with I don't feel as head and neck as Sophia behind her. Actually what is she spoke to do she somebody's talked about living her truth in music way. And we know that we can you play the song and say that's on the letters thousands lose about infill and this went is about Katy Perry now blood. And so I feel like we almost put too much of an onus on like if we she's feeling it now she put it out and use it. Look at reputation and think you guys like why am I supposed to what I say that I'm shocked and mad benefit supplement one. When I criticized keep it that's not good enough either so I feel like harper is like. Am I breaking out. Enough you people you'll Taylor's gone. I have a multimillion dollar I have birds and how hot guy with me Kelly hey Peter I could very good how the hot. 5% and I spent time with my fans more than probably any other ours up that need to be counted I went and I fought against anti gay men have to you I did it in public. To stand up for women's wreck sent from my own right to do what I thought was right with Britney do hope that gives people pause so I you have to give her credit for that I you can achieve. Put together these visual work. Kind of represent that I just. Against Larry I was surprised tree way we're gonna shall clip of the video behind that's okay. When they love the music so much. We are. RA. And looks gorgeous Sheila if the ball let's. I'm good at an auto that it right here. You know most meant you want grade. IE yeah we're talking I think she was missing Michigan mob think she's. Drop that gorge is. I think look I think the concept of Smart I don't think we give. Taylor I'm right carriers of our other female. The concept of these videos and how they write an all that's up I think all of that as well done. I'd stand behind her in like. Why the living nurtured I just I think that in some ways she's misguided I'd miss the Taylor with a guitar at sat there until the. Thousand guitar. Here drops in the department of I will say I think all the flak in all the attention given to the content but the Norwegians and gone. And I say this in a most like. Professionally possible the leather latex. It seems lie ache she's. That was my takeaways trying to break out from previous image because. But there for a while she would shore belly button she added Jackson gets all Badgley so it. If if all you put that all aside. The that clip that we just saw with what stuck out to me not. For anything other baton in musical reasons. Was like okay this the news a chapter in my life that felt very much like Miley Cyrus when she went on her spree in the and its working analysts like that like. You know say we won about all of that but it is an evolution of an artist and that was lake. The one thing that stuck out to me I was like okay she's it's a different phase in her career right looking for them to the roughly else would get my first album as I am I IA. Her songs are catchy IA it's not my bag not my cup the team I've respected her. Throughout her career what she's done I've always kind of I try to be unbiased incidents you cite this source I always to think about the other side as well you know some of the stuff kind of things petty in the past. But let's see what she does of this moving forward moves the ball forward and we see look we have it a tragedy he single right now. We got fiance Kevin Hart are the people stepping up and doing things that are that seem very selfless JJ watt it's going crazy and raising money. Let's see what she doesn't mean fort I'm not saying she's there onus is on her to do stuff like that. But she's got a platform that's bigger than almost anyone else in the entire world so. You know the songs out there she's got the album coming out what November tend to think it is. And we'll see we should cease it future singles and that he is coming up we'll say. I was actually disappointed we were supposed to do hope that we are going to be watching because this does give up their own line at 9 o'clock. But on Sunday there was that this that's the theory that Katy Perry. And tell us what could possibly be performing gathered squashing all that the ugly girl power I IA was expecting that and. It happened not could still happen it look word of one of the best time is here and it entertainment and they're coming the Emmys all left us made it also happened. Final thoughts you these are comedies that you and I usually have on the phone or at your desk and others look at. It's up a funnel clouds into more depth look at this now America it is up an outfit in the comments below. As a that it definitely he did. Well for cap MacKenzie Mike Roth men on the heat she initiated. CF next.

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{"duration":"8:13","description":"ABC News' Michael Rothman and Catherine McKenzie give their takes on \"He Said, She Said.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"49498241","title":"Taylor Swift's new video 'Look What You Made Me Do' is filled with not-so-subtle references","url":"/Entertainment/video/taylor-swifts-video-made-filled-subtle-references-49498241"}