Former teammate remembers Kobe Bryant

Metta World Peace reflects on his relationship with his former teammate.
4:14 | 01/30/20

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Transcript for Former teammate remembers Kobe Bryant
What was the last time you talk to go. Less the most potent being. Was. Assuming atonement Litton. Well it took a bow and in this Korea. The united of that equity about a story. So. And I haven't had dinner would mean. Until out fifth seasons and a well. Because when we meet its competitive so it was like become the practice. We were collings worker. He tomb people well we're not meet and work on and I'm too tough and that. And that's a common practice were publicly they were called guided gave few tomorrow. And then. Headed toward in this release him become more vulnerable even myself. And we had the islanders. And a vehement. Enough first dinner Padilla. How do you get the news married I was in the bed of my friend I've been touched me you know and sent home we done. Thing and obviously. I called on the called back a lot clot that may be talked on the phone cup. Colin back and let. He tells news story I know. And when I'm trying to get more information to mean taxes coming back off I'm tired of seeing the fee. You know KG. Tex and I called KG KG and standards. He sent him to adjust to meaning. Too much information comeback win choose to within five minutes you'd notice happen. And that thing whale would just cannot be true like. You kind of new listing you know then. So that the elected to toughen up as when I heard it I immediately thought about Colby I'll be next and have seen the work. He's so tough. He flew in with great shocks. You talk about it from the great whites and in practice it. I immediately thought about those moments from Johnson and I notice you'll want me to be tough. I know for a fact. And a fourth factor. Top crime but who messed up crime as Cody were you tell. Try to. We're in we're you to tell me through the I would argue that your thoughts with what Kobe will want to do what you tell you to toughen where people often hearing that Colby Bryant. Don't you have to try to be tough. It's hard. And the floods value by the current. Announcement but you gotta try to you know an athlete when he always said and I'm going off when he stumbled off when he says mr. Golub he was. Time now turns that tough. One of the moments now you can that you cherished with coping. You know when you think about Colby life. He worked so one assumes rule and the fans problems. Given Waldman. He brings. Them again I bring it to I'm watching rule. Passion and beginning to. Look at what his shirt and is like he kinda is almost like he knew. He needs could get done now. Due and he lived like it was his last day. Did don't that don't everyone Fe. Live it's you know last days of practice like a championship game. You never know of tomorrow's. Promised. Aniston. And and we think about it but it meant her new dissident. I you know it would have been. I don't know what thoughts his rating more. I'm trying to find positive about that is you know those I don't know what book has more and you know I don't know. It's just too much but you know I'd or try to go back to me was when he taught.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Metta World Peace reflects on his relationship with his former teammate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"68625138","title":"Former teammate remembers Kobe Bryant","url":"/Entertainment/video/teammate-remembers-kobe-bryant-68625138"}