Tebow Steals Super Bowl Spotlight

Rob Shuter talks about Tebow mania in Indianapolis.
3:06 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Tebow Steals Super Bowl Spotlight
If you like -- watching Indianapolis that was the place to be this week for Super Bowl 46 and rupture from -- post liberty was there with all the party all the big names and he's here now with some of the highlights the -- when I'm surprised you are here because that was a party. In Indiana. I've. Read as the biggest name and and -- Amazing sense the tension and gently. Sweet and does not Madonna was not any of -- -- it was -- Here Tebow Tebow turns up at the yes and -- -- -- -- -- Tom Cruise and ride the place ruptured the line. It was spoke yesterday -- closed -- just to get -- once he was inside politics. Security with him to keep the pills that blows a month and rose 10 every -- You get this would make an exception and how about two as a journalist she was with him and look at it's a sheet -- -- that you with. And because there is a genius she's telling everyone that she was he says. Mine gotten your shoes and a committed relationship like has -- this -- -- -- on. -- but I thought he he has done. We anybody else in the upper right there on government and who would have thought in Madonna's performance that Madonna herself was not -- -- field at the ones on them with students if I spoke to Neil Patrick it's it was conceivable he has -- business being I. When you drop name look at when you get up and it doesn't. He said he was commitment on it would plates that when you this many people yet over a billion -- You go outside and she. -- plague of little bit of plates and pollute with gloves on because a lot of people work. Taking note. Write about dropping. I'm Joan Rivers the six effect. He's -- Thomas -- loves. Is not to pick up the mind of Michael -- -- -- -- the one thing toxic psychiatry and not on assignment than anything but if you. That's the one thing she cannot fix his old -- -- crimes. Like incensed me Joseph and says the department. RFK she was also showing up last night -- she had a huge performance is talk Russell Brand at all what notable that she did the press wonderful I was from all Cubans reached the Nazis networks is that that she -- his party. She old she told -- she dedicated -- some peacock. -- and then after the performance fees that she -- -- -- for the right time but you know who went on to who are I don't duel with them below us and Tom Cruise it's. Comment -- -- how do you go to a party like that and you have to come back in sync to my level -- these dismal. Well. But to just a couple of -- what happened comparable right. Right pictured from both having back -- -- Butler. --

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{"id":15524596,"title":"Tebow Steals Super Bowl Spotlight","duration":"3:06","description":"Rob Shuter talks about Tebow mania in Indianapolis.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tebow-steals-super-bowl-spotlight-15524596","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}