Tebow & Taylor: Are They Dating?

Rob Shuter with the truth about the 'are they or aren't they?' rumors.
3:00 | 03/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tebow & Taylor: Are They Dating?
For the latest in celebrity news we're here with rob -- from both of them but not great to see you see -- I'm great let's. Lindsay -- and how did -- do on that she. -- -- acts announced today nights she wasn't very good the reviews have been. Particularly negative saying it was probably one of the -- performances of the host. -- a long time how have breakthroughs with fantastic it's the second highest rated show of the season she beat up Baldwin should be Judy silenced the moment the right could have -- starter for -- -- people listen in on the inside the -- even though the performance might not have the right the fact that things actually DT. She showed up. Some time she knew where to stop and she knew what she was doing she's working to gain all these are good signs and sometimes -- that's not -- It can be -- -- a lot of times people that are very good actors in movies. And a pretty good law if you can't really judge her entire clearance -- -- what you kind of side. Is -- people -- because -- black and yellow button from idling its I dreamed about. I have friends and -- -- -- told me she was there until at least three he and but don't be alarmed she was not drinking she was very gracious. Each of the cast members has the room with Paul -- inside the party and Lindsay went from table to table thank -- everybody was that with -- bomb. I'm also awfully. -- is tyrant whose housewife of New York is very place the below Huntsman -- -- she was invited to. Well that's good or bad from happening and I were also very happy to hear. Nicholas. Going to be heard he's guilt from his fiancee of a long time. The nestled -- used in fine. Pregnant and I -- great -- -- -- but what I like about it. Is that he gave this information by on TV he didn't send it to a magazine like some celebrities mind. He wanted to everybody celebrate along with payments that -- residence that's -- -- and an -- not the only pregnant celebrity -- -- talk -- question don't good. -- is allegedly pregnant sources are telling me she is in fact pregnant and not a People Magazine reporting that she's in. Wait a minute that I mean she's settling down and wasn't gonna NRA and that's a really good question what constitutes snuck his -- and -- -- the -- Out of the in the policy -- will mud looked it changed. If every moment who will move will be a lifetime stock. It's going to be very interest and I shouldn't nodded but Snooki has yet to confirm any of -- she has not said it will sources are telling me she is in fact looking for a deal. To sell that story to America's. I am sure we will try to plan absolutely -- about what until it ashore Saturday and if you really want the big daddy got a lot of us do -- -- They had dinner together in -- the swanky restaurant in -- -- -- threatens. Doesn't have fond of them did not. We find she didn't even -- she just had a lactation a -- -- I'm one of the friends picked up the checks of the -- rich people in the group. Didn't even -- -- at. They did -- do that they had not dead yet loudly into it but I think they make a cute couple anyway and that's unfair thanking -- thank --

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{"id":15852210,"title":"Tebow & Taylor: Are They Dating?","duration":"3:00","description":"Rob Shuter with the truth about the 'are they or aren't they?' rumors.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tebow-taylor-dating-15852210","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}