Ted Allen Get's Cookin'

"Chopped" host Ted Allen gives his holiday food and wine tips
4:29 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Ted Allen Get's Cookin'
Ted Allen -- -- he was the food and wine expert on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. And he now -- the ship as host of the Food Network show -- so who better to talk about the hottest food tents for the holidays than our favorite pretty. Ted Allen welcome thanks so much for being here thanks for having me so holiday season is here very exciting hard to believe somehow -- -- I guess it is. The big trends for a holiday food this year. Well you know. Always try to remind people that when you when you're having a party -- -- -- finger -- it needs to actually be finger food which is -- no forks and -- -- isn't needed no forks and -- no we don't remember were all standing there with one of these in our hands and of course whether it's you know champagne -- glass of milk and it's -- I would really urge people to -- Finger foods that you can -- with one hand. I love -- got some food on a stick here that's very that I feel like a child to get the lolly -- What about one -- -- -- and -- Santos is always joking that everybody everything taste better -- -- -- fact that it it's it's just such a simple way there are so many things that you can put on a state that. Not only. Does -- but he immediately understand when they see that shrimp on the and obscure -- exactly what to do with it. It also really opens up some nice possibilities for styling on your book I don't think it gives you some -- -- -- almost like a -- Of crustacean. That's exactly right I mean if I know the bad capitalists and the thing I wanna -- you tell me what's in you're going for the -- home. Kate pops are really big these days I think -- might be the new cupcake. The wounds and that. You can get these -- lots of places around town or direction pretty easy to make you break a one cake from a from a -- -- You -- canned frosting if you don't mind using the stuff from forward in the different scraps that by the -- look like red velvet -- yeah we're gonna. Figures mix that that particular -- cubic crumpled up next the -- and into permanent in the fridge for couple minutes and then to scoop ball rolled up. -- -- -- -- -- -- People like me who -- the cake and a processing we can't quite decide which we love -- I just bundle of the that's perfect for people you'd really like frost yeah I think at camp. And now I love also your little and food -- cereals snack mixes are those supposed to be. Particularly health or just a -- Well it's there there's there's plenty of -- of their -- I will say it's mostly about delicious. We're all familiar with the holiday cookie exchange and I'm working with the people from Czechs who have I think great idea to instead of doing that same old same old. Cookie thing doing a checks party in exchange -- -- say you invite people to your home. And you either have them make -- -- -- that there are ninety different recipes for checks on their website alone. Seventy of which you can make in the microwave in fifteen minutes so in the justice -- you invite your friends come up with around. They cannot come up their own they can make a -- that they like online -- you combine ingredients yourself and have everybody make it. In your own home -- the way I would. -- like cooking together right and then for for those of us who like to send people away with a little parting gift. You get like little colorful Chinese food take -- Containers or. Lose sight bags or if that's the you know I'm yeah -- or little sentence when and it's something that is you know it's been kind of -- beloved classic. -- giving them parting -- but so lovely I don't do it every. President Clinton and think about now of course we can't you know have a holiday party without cocktails or mock -- so this looks lovely wettest. This is peach nectar topped with sparkling cider and I wanna say look -- I have some friends who don't drink and I think it's important as a good host. To provide something with a little fought for everybody not just the people get that the attention. Well you know here at ABC we're not allowed to drink on the air so we're so happy that this of the mock -- that it is and what does that have ended exactly it's peach -- on the bottom. Topless sparkling cider it's really sort of been nonalcoholic take -- -- champagne -- not -- let's. Didn't. I hope they actually -- the real champagne and he's joking. Have. Alleged that mr. president of the great way ending a holiday party well this is something -- -- that the. Young people are also allowed to. Right right everybody's include fun for the whole family absolutely Ted Allen thank you so very much pleasure happy holidays happy holidays and.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"\"Chopped\" host Ted Allen gives his holiday food and wine tips","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15140284","title":"Ted Allen Get's Cookin'","url":"/Entertainment/video/ted-allen-cookin-15140284"}