Ted Cruz Campaigns for Donald Trump After Publicly Denouncing Him

"The View" co-hosts talk about the new video showing Cruz campaigning for the Republican presidential candidate.
2:41 | 10/07/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ted Cruz Campaigns for Donald Trump After Publicly Denouncing Him
I'm not to bring anyone down on a Friday but this could be the saddest video you'll sail on months. Remember how Ted Cruz was Donald's loud list opposition. O have had how the mighty have fallen to watch this point that it. Urgent come mountains and supports freedom constitutional Godzilla Bryant's. You can vote by absentee ballot he helped get an application for maps and Gmail of the Texas hill even. Or even dozen first and very can come out of me thank you got my. Hello darkness my old friends. I've come to talks review again. Can you believe this guy is backing Donald Trump I had to bring it back to this but I couldn't resist he looks humiliated at HI until gap of hope but didn't say one good thing about trump said that he disagreed with everyday and now he's backing him what happened Asia a lot of but credit where is takers taking went willingly into that dark Dark Knight I think Paul Wright had like internal. Party pressure. No easy I'll add of them have been asked yeah I don't think as. Think tank crews went he'd he'd jumped ship early but I. That's really surprised I'm looking at President Obama and Hillary Clinton back in 2000 and I mean they fought bitterly he did she ended up being his secretary of state and now he's on the campaign fell from her. No not saying there is Zain because did I tell them I received the first of all trump. Went after tech crews with personal attack and went after his wife he went after his daddy can keep this campaign. Was not a champion about policy it was personal being we try new. Eat it person I remember seeing a kind of character attacks I don't remember them going after parents and why he said that this is at. Ed Cruz's father was puck hit but Clinton participated. In the assassination of John I actually I think I'm Brant pleaded outlawed until Trenton makes him say hi this is Ted Cruz whose father might have been involved in JP the best and that's part. Leaders that part of their jobs or two to collect as many Republicans as possible and to elect their candidate and that's that's what they're looking at there looking down ballot they're looking at some of the senators they're up for reelection and they're looking at the end game possible Supreme Court nomination so they're looking at it you know through a long black. The other is headed is gonna do odds on Wednesday night tech trap tenth of Sunday night at just I think he's gonna put some singers and Mary try to avoid the question and and make those talking points I get home of the inning a lot of the law to have you here these are regular people asking questions as to Tamils of the gonna say. The way you treat women were not yet I can't bet he's gonna hit NN throughout the singer's ex I'm bank cannot can't I don't know what we're gonna watch everyone's got to watch right what's.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts talk about the new video showing Cruz campaigning for the Republican presidential candidate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42647920","title":"Ted Cruz Campaigns for Donald Trump After Publicly Denouncing Him","url":"/Entertainment/video/ted-cruz-campaigns-donald-trump-publicly-denouncing-42647920"}