Ted Leo Talks New Album, OWS Movement

AudioFile: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists frontman on new songs, politics and OWS.
2:44 | 01/12/12

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Transcript for Ted Leo Talks New Album, OWS Movement
Finley two years is -- last record came out but we've also been on tour most of -- time and I don't really. On the road will be. Making a record that'll be done by the spring out by the late summer. It's kind of very natural to me. The very beginning of the process. To be thinking about. And reading about political issues. Likely to show -- DC. On the night. President Obama's. And I made a very simple statement stated it was just. I'm really glad that we've achieved this just remember we have to know. Hold this new administration's -- -- -- I got -- And that you know. Bets that a lot to me about that my worst fears about the political climate on both sides of the states. This is what the occupied his -- -- from the hallway I reached out to -- just via Twitter just saying like if you're occupying the town. And you see that we're coming to it when -- know. I was able to come down with some music and a few of them. -- -- From my head you know 2530 and years of experience -- A lot of the most fundamental ways it hasn't really changed that much -- what I mean is that there is always an underground there's always -- temper under current. They're always you know bands that. Breakthrough. Despite themselves in the Euro is there is a breakthrough that is -- fungus that maybe they'll do. They go forward in Iraq -- way I think we're not rock stars so I have. I still retain relics such great sympathy for what it's -- convenience definitely. -- starting. I don't and me anyway. Right now but you've gotten away.

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{"id":15345925,"title":"Ted Leo Talks New Album, OWS Movement","duration":"2:44","description":"AudioFile: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists frontman on new songs, politics and OWS. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/ted-leo-talks-album-ows-movement-15345925","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}