Terminally Ill Teen's 'Clouds' Tops Spotify's Most Viral List

Zach Sobiech, 18, lost his battle with cancer but is winning on the music charts.
6:39 | 05/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Terminally Ill Teen's 'Clouds' Tops Spotify's Most Viral List
-- the most -- songs in the weeks -- -- top five list and we've got -- joining me today with the top five -- -- songs on Spotify is Shannon -- Spotify -- trend experts say -- Guardia and Graham -- I always feel Spotify -- trendy with you that's saying I'm the only element of everything a little techno got a little hard rock and we have a song that is definitely going to Tug at your heart strings for this -- it is amazing. A -- though there -- five. Daft Punk coming in doing it right. Everybody will be. Imagine we'll -- I'm -- I'm glad Melissa is on the it's it I didn't you check out their welcome which is just blowing -- -- and -- it. Get lucky they're facing isn't doing mayor this this is my second favorite on the album. And this could be outnumbered -- being reckless and other night was being nice screens album -- its best week -- release in the US and ever on his students and of. I'd love it and it's clean it's got to hunt it's gonna look didn't get what you've got -- little -- this -- -- -- almost reminiscent of earth wind and fire's. Good article is go back and listen to it and you'll you'll start picking up those -- I icici worry that the man did it take for the -- aren't really familiar -- -- on these two French guys always the fault with these helmet -- crazy space age helmets. And fans of the band are clamoring. To get replicas of these helmets it's really quite funny some of them are prepared to pay thousands of dollars -- of them. But do you know it's actually. Difficult to fit a space age helmets and the human head and and -- Daft -- guys have -- have there's custom made -- and they even have air conditioning unit. You have done your research on this it -- -- -- at any time you might want one yourself I didn't think I think -- -- field on -- we don't want to cover anything up but we'll put it on the list for next year's must have affordable again five finger death -- lift me -- second week. In a -- this is on the list. -- But that -- -- not a heavy metal band yeah. You know -- this is this is one of Steve really -- -- Absolutely now -- history in as a result I will be very sweet. But this isn't very popular fans in LA. -- single faces rough childhood. They have a double album coming out next month we're really popular -- There -- may have festival in San Bernardino California as close if you've got some last minute vacation you need to burn out before you know -- a year and there you go. And again I think I you don't realize that you're looking to measles -- ugly and I think it's specifically if you rub that sweet little top out there. And I have had to -- his -- -- -- It's really big Mac crowd at what -- -- number three on the -- is Robin -- blurred lines. He's going to hearings and songs from -- -- that's supposedly will be coming out at someone -- nine. Story in when it happened. Meanwhile this. And you love the song but the video sonic is opposite the -- from -- -- that this is obviously -- name. Even that was completely. -- -- -- Well it's funny because his hands down his face paint and simply not the song -- really into the media and video I mean did you like. He was on duets. And that this is what taken her brother Vick because I felt as -- he was a little critical of his duet partner. Already other amateurs on the they paired them up professional singers that two weapons Iran and the supposed to have a collaborative effort but I -- -- -- -- a little more aggressive that's why I'm just not a big fan of blurred lines -- but I mean artistically what do -- now. Are never -- can now I never join a list of this is great -- in reverse with fashionably late. -- -- heading out five and in love hopefully there could come song. I handed him a -- -- in -- and this one is more. More straight up. Interestingly the thing. -- -- Everything. Affecting everything. -- said. -- -- -- -- -- Well we Emory ahead of -- well now there's a little bit of emotion a little bit a story behind it as well so it is softness to the heavy scent that's it's all right number one. I have been anxiously waiting to get to because this is a really amazing song. And am very incredible story -- so reacts with clouds. Hands really living cells that. Is Diana died -- Sorry eight days again he died of cancer agent -- news as you. The league's -- do. And last year when he found my hands of television only and a -- live and recorded this song. -- -- -- -- It's -- it's a lovely song and. ITunes plus they gave him. Kids it's very sad it's basically is good but some. -- about the cancer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The connection I think that you also see in the video because there -- some shots with he and his mom and friends and it is. It's hot -- he's one of those is one of those moments where you kind of but life in perspective and as we was saying earlier it's -- -- song to write some good sound absolutely. We're very glad to have that number one Channing -- with Spotify thank you so much plans to -- him.

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{"id":19272436,"title":"Terminally Ill Teen's 'Clouds' Tops Spotify's Most Viral List","duration":"6:39","description":"Zach Sobiech, 18, lost his battle with cancer but is winning on the music charts.","url":"/Entertainment/video/terminally-ill-teens-clouds-tops-spotifys-viral-list-19272436","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}