A Thanksgiving Feast With Lady Gaga

Chef Art Smith cooks up a delicious holiday meal.
5:26 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for A Thanksgiving Feast With Lady Gaga
We have the plans to act of cooking Thanksgiving mail with the amazing. My favorites at the home world -- I think -- tonight. Must make them I Turkey can I can't wait -- I requested. To send the first time that art. The first thing many ever made me was fried chicken and LaFalce. And I went into a coma that was so incredible but I really think -- levitating off the -- And things with it so tonight I have asked -- to prepare -- some fried Turkey and lawful ballot in America to enjoy on Thanksgiving. OK so what we've done is we've taken this wonderful Turkey and we try to -- -- think. -- you know what it's really incredibly delicious I've heard it's amazing I'm never that -- now about it what we've done is it takes about three A half minutes a panel so. -- seventeen pound Turkey. Listen now. How great is that -- and then and so anon you always take -- on enemy the Cherokee. And dad's death -- not an hour -- And banks say about this what -- -- -- -- there are in my view oh on my -- it's also. So I didn't -- -- -- -- -- -- You wanted to have fried Turkey -- of -- -- got a fried Turkey -- -- how to get the local together I don't know need to teach what you don't want also you know there's a basic right to -- like pancakes. But grand mother from -- not. -- -- -- -- I heard about this -- Carrino. Christie salami. -- this -- with these wonderful Italian. -- is delicious and we picked those waivers and we put it in waffle. Two of them. I can't wait so she beat two -- -- listening to lakes and -- I don't want to add about about a couple that milk a cup of milk ride. And -- -- and then I'm going to make that the dry ingredients which would like I've got about. What about -- A flower and an ad about two heaping tablespoons. Baking powder Simon's house and the army cracked eggs and staff we just -- on the table. That's a fact we're gonna handle Cornelius semi about how much a cup of -- -- about a couple milk. You know. Which is an area -- -- couple -- -- perfect mix a little more than a testament. I'm trying since Columbia -- you can slimy opinions. You know just any kind of nice soft but we're gonna that's the flavors -- your if your grandma. And then we're gonna do -- we're gonna add to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's because I loved the super super flavors and in what we've done is we've already got from -- -- -- longer than I think it's it's just like the -- they can. It's just beautiful. -- -- -- So Christie's son into the fifth after the climate and -- exactly he put the proposed site fell on me in to the flat extent and they want to do is we're gonna take this wonderful -- an extra -- -- an ad that like that. I would have let me to -- move my Valentina Qatar posts. His. I want to get at ninth and what we're gonna do is. Coming truthfully -- have plummeted. OK and then I want I want to do with this -- some kind of -- -- you can do this you can. You can add a little bit more salami like that on if you wanna just a little bit more of that lately for the flying right on first you can if you you don't have a must -- -- -- And then there's an interest. -- Let me in the southern itself. Has cited how hard that it -- can do -- can change learning to -- to. -- something -- dance cut. Now what's this seven hair I wanted to you know we've we've talked about grandmother -- -- but about what about criminal defense. Did you find it Brian visit -- she makes the most delicious cranberry sauce yes and didn't I understand your your. -- -- -- -- Steve. Make the most amazing things like pecans and scary. The senator -- And found that cooking is such a huge part of my life and nobody really knows about it's what I do on the road -- Angela hunt. To make me feel happy I'll let you sell it alleges -- has salami and teeth and all my grandma's flavored honey please can you say honey please tiny playing youth movement a little bit about homer Glen. An important. -- I'm gonna put -- Turkey. And it will can keep -- -- Los Angeles needs to get some Turkey O'Meara got some nice Turkey might get. Who have -- here. And then what went to do with -- and it -- I've got some delicious. Gravy that we're gonna what's in this greatly it's it's it's it's a simple gravy it's just what it's got the holy trinity guess what we call celery and onions and garlic yes -- -- -- little -- with a little flower me -- call that -- Arafat. -- miracle yes honey you make -- -- public -- holy trinity and. At this because I just I just watch TV and heroes -- new sun gonna bring this every here. Well he. This -- represents everything I love about chef art and my family. Happy Thanksgiving. And Lady Gaga and art. It's download -- family recipes that chef art Smith and I have prepared for you tonight. Visit Lady Gaga dot com -- -- -- a very -- Thanksgiving.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"Chef Art Smith cooks up a delicious holiday meal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"15025868","title":"A Thanksgiving Feast With Lady Gaga","url":"/Entertainment/video/thanksgiving-feast-lady-gaga-15025868"}