'The Amazing Spider-Man' Is Back!

Andrew Garfield dons the latex suit in a reboot of the comic-book franchise.
2:25 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Is Back!
You can't understand transparent and tormented. Tell us a little bit about yourself mr. Parker. Numbers -- -- pews and uncle. You can't just let -- -- and network but -- Williams -- wears a mask like an -- long I think he's trying to do so maybe the police can't can't. And I don't think you gonna still hard. All dressed like the -- you -- -- you don't cubs finished him tyrant and loosening. I know it's been rough for you -- -- all about that day fusion dance. There was -- secret -- Doctors punished and Richard -- -- Your father and I was gonna change the lives of millions including -- Extraordinary. Did you come up with. As a -- of a new species in New York. -- -- -- Stop them. -- created in. Maybe. 38 that New York's finest vs one -- In the units -- If you. I'm issuing an arrest warrant. The masked vigilante. Known as Spider-Man.

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{"id":15541012,"title":"'The Amazing Spider-Man' Is Back!","duration":"2:25","description":"Andrew Garfield dons the latex suit in a reboot of the comic-book franchise.","url":"/Entertainment/video/the-amazing-spider-man-movie-trailer-15541012","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}