The Tallest Man on Earth Tours With New, 'Self-Centered' Album

Swedish musician, Kristian Matsson, on writing very personal record, "There's No Leaving Now."
3:00 | 09/11/12

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Transcript for The Tallest Man on Earth Tours With New, 'Self-Centered' Album
I'm Christians. -- -- -- -- How long -- mom there and relax and ZZAL. -- Evils and did you know live in the senate and no -- aware -- In Sweden mean. We grow. With a lot of American culture and Indian music and -- so there's so much great music out there but. Guess -- -- restless for something fairly and then -- good stuff -- partner. It's very noisy -- and stuff like that. It stars and yes. And -- -- -- in Herat. Yeah. You have to -- and -- just felt great to be home. And live in the outdoors and I am in Ireland grew up. You know I grew up playing in the -- you know by the -- stuff like that -- I guess -- just one thing you have. That I can relate to. You know its -- Really good for me as a foundation to. But other thing in contrast to that because that's the thing in the -- a nation of I mean. Just because what I know. And then -- Iowa citizens. -- -- -- -- -- -- was -- as well and I'm thing and there I -- There was a lot of -- coming the same time there really personal really. He. Again it's. -- is really self -- land based this. I have let myself make this island just have to you know soon to to -- about. -- a lot of running away -- historian. -- -- known about wanting to. To stay at one place in to deal was. Here William -- -- system like it's dark stuff on this album and you know. And I really you know the best -- coming here. You have me ignorant -- hopeful -- end and that happy you know. -- it is amazing woman you know you wanna be. You want to be the best. Always -- -- -- The you know -- so -- have to admit it. Easier to. For now it's -- we don't. -- not just starting mountains come. -- -- things like this. Can afford to take a day off. Here and there. Play all the time -- Plane tickets I'm really grateful -- -- -- -- This -- So -- I just. And went into the studio and maybe four or five songs eroded written and I think that -- -- be an album. And then then I wrote one song. So personally album investors. Change change everything -- own -- -- and I ain't gonna see this -- it. Seen in most heinous sorry that. And and -- and they think people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":17211537,"title":"The Tallest Man on Earth Tours With New, 'Self-Centered' Album","duration":"3:00","description":"Swedish musician, Kristian Matsson, on writing very personal record, \"There's No Leaving Now.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/tallest-man-earth-tours-centered-album-17211537","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}