Tiger triumphs at Masters

Tiger Woods makes a major comeback, winning his first major title in 11 years.
5:10 | 04/15/19

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Transcript for Tiger triumphs at Masters
All right guys as I mention and no one thought he was going to do this but he did. Tiger Woods as a champion again. After winning his fifth Masters Tournament in a gusting yesterday. Some are calling this one of the greatest comebacks in sports history it's been fourteen years since his last masters win and bans work. Just as excited take a listen. Many doubted we oversee it. But here it is. Turns. Who am. I. Are right you heard it there and now we want to bring in ESPN's Andy North who was in Augusta yesterday. Andy you have to let us know what was that moment like. Well it was from a historical standpoint it was amazing that. Tigers able to play as he's been able play over the last. Eighteen months or so and come back from all his issues and the quality of play it was fantastic what he did in the second nine yesterday was some. Showed some role maturity and experience but I thought the most amazing part of the whole thing was a walking off the green. Saying his family hiking is kids. That the 22 years from. Jim be in the sun deny him beginning chance to hug his son. And then the next five minutes the next five minutes I've I've never heard anything like it in major champ should before. The patrons the cheering that. The chance I'd never heard chants at Augusta National before and there was the tiger tiger tiger for about five minutes it was absolutely incredible. Yet that image of him with his father and in the image of wit him with his kids that lots of people making reactions to that so. I want to ask you we know after round one he was in eleventh place so how in the world did he make his way back to the top. Well I think you know the biggest thing for tiger and he's talked about her over the years is that. You just want to place solve the first if you can play great and get a leaders on this great Bea don't wanna put yourself in position you really don't have a chance. His first three times she won the masters she shot seventy the first round so that was sort of a good moment Allman any he played really solid golf all week long. The first day he probably didn't take advantage. Of how we played as well as the next three days but he was Salo weeklong he was in control emotionally. And I thought that the maturity and experience that he showed particularly on Sunday was important and had a lot to do with him winning. Yeah I want to talk about his mental preparation because we know that he's had a lot of professional and personal issues that he's dealt with since his last masters win his well publicized extramarital affairs. The DUI arrest so how does want to mentally prepare for something this grand. Well I think that you know wants if you he got healthy again you know through that process. His back wasn't working he did know he's ever gonna have a chance even compete and play golf again. And once he figured out that yes I can actually swing a golf club again and in the process he went through last year. Slowly working its way back getting to where he got himself in contention and then compare competing. On the back nines a major championships last year and and finally winning at east lake the last term of the year. I think that you know as in he worked his way through the process got himself in O. In a position that he knew his body was gonna work now is just about playing golf again and I think all that had a lot to do with him getting to the point you was this week. And you said you know for him to win he was playing very calm. With maturity now it seems like he only is second to Jack Nicklaus so what are the chances. A parent actually surpassing Jack. Well you know there is a time that we thought that. Getting to eighteen was a very realistic number and then obviously the injuries and everything else that sort of went away but to get the fifteenth. Like it I think gruesome real special number for him Kenny get number sixteen I don't know. A three is a long way to go but yet. You know he's he's got its opportunity probably to play at a high level in the next twenty majors. If he can continue playing as he has a last year I think there's a chance it's an outside chance but. I think there's a good reason that he's got a chance it may view and another one this year I know that's of and a big ask but he's pulling three golf courses two of which she's won on before the third one. They haven't played a major championship in years on and I think that all's is an advantage to the better player so. There's chance it slam. But let's enjoy fifteen it was a pretty amazing week. Yet I like the slim chance is because. No one thought he could do this and he did so it's it's really incredible. I write Andy North from ESPN thank you so much enjoy the rest your time in the Gaza. Thanks preaches. And if you guys want to stick around for Saturday on ESPN there's going to be the welterweight world title that's live on pay per view this Saturday April 20 so check that out.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"Tiger Woods makes a major comeback, winning his first major title in 11 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"62408860","title":"Tiger triumphs at Masters","url":"/Entertainment/video/tiger-triumphs-masters-62408860"}