Tom Ford Explains Why He Won't Dress Melania Trump, or Hillary Clinton

Ford also talks about parenting ideas, his partner of over 30 years, and writing and choosing artistic projects.
7:09 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for Tom Ford Explains Why He Won't Dress Melania Trump, or Hillary Clinton
No mountain high and designers and in the world who has so much street credit Jay-Z raps about now Tom Ford showing up this cinematic style as the writer and director of the continent Roland nocturnal animals please welcome the amazing fabulous Tom. Sunday. If you want hand isn't. What you think that was Jay z.'s hit songs come one and not everybody gets to you know about time for how does that happen Tom war. It's one of those lucky based. I was waiting to hear what kinds hunting trip yeah. Yes I'm lucky person that was one of those things the just literally fell from the U. And what's all the top design you know how top design houses Gucci and he sent a wrong. And you know and allow those. Atlanta now and you have your arm NASA very beautiful perfume also I believe quite a few yet when he thought of them are wearing I'd like you I'm and the New England that hasn't been released. I'll let you like it all adds we're let me ask his name and that we avenue First Lady. Gilani a tribes are quite beautiful and she's sick. She's gonna look great in a close now. I don't know I was asked to address are quite a few years ago and I declined to mind. Well she's not necessarily my image and you know also the First Lady other than the fact that I am. Democrat and voted for Hillary and I'm very sessions on the she's. You know even had Hillary when she shouldn't be wearing my close to too expensive. And and I don't mean at an at bat when they're not aren't usually expensive that it's how much it cost to make these things but I think to relate to. Everybody has shown Obama she. Expensive clothes Michelle just once when she was going to Buckingham Palace. For dinner with queen nor am I thought was appropriate other than London so that that it's nice and it was a moment so you don't sanctioning mines should Wear expensive clothes I'm gonna leave that's Milan and you're known for pushing your. Boundaries gain in fashion designing and now in both of your films which original a single man and now nocturnal animals. As a child were used someone that always colored outside the lions colored outside the lines yeah I was one of those kids yes I think my parents who go out to movie and I rearranged the living room from the moment I cannot. Yes I always I'm afraid had a very strong. Point of the knowledge that's at great strength. My son has had to I think we're gonna grow up front like this I don't know where it got to that he's. He's for all I believe me he's already started movies of heart attack just get a house is different every time you open a ranch and New Mexico now I grew up in Texas when I was young and then when I was eleven Indiana to New Mexico incentive. Well that the child is growing up as the fabulous on them just. Well no I gave that is very grounded and I'm very aware that he's going up in the life of privilege he's never been photographed. When he's eighteen if he wants republic person you can be a public person. He has chores he gets and allow once he knows how to even load the dishwasher at this point. Those things are important S subsidiary of wary ahead. So that he is when I'm when a top team now because it's. The last time I saw you I think I'm gosh a levee about single man which I thought was funny. Yeah. About seven neither snow out of ago I had hoped to make a film every three or four years every two or three years and I still have to make a film or two or three years. I think you have to find in a film making for me is the purest and I'm a commercial fashion. It is an artistic endeavor but I am commercially minded when I do whereas film for me is the most pure purely artistic expression. That I have so you have to find something that speaks to you. I would spoke to me about this story is that it's about finding people in your life that you love. And not letting them go on the very loyal person I've been descent. Known for the last thirty years. Third air. I don't let people ago when this is a cautionary tale about what can happen some banana that is just blockage is talented. Well you're so we really join. But few banks now you know I work hard then and I and enjoys I think if you joy what you do you're passionate about what you do. You better and I love what I do. Now this just to say that it here's sector creepy Alan Faneca to give anything away with Jerry Miller there's just seen what. Falsely thought when you don't let go of people I was like all of there's like love in the year rule out okay yep lets no no no no joke there's one is seeing it that. It last so long that parties Greeks think he'll. Where I'm waiting for relief and waiting for relief and it never countenance this cast is out of lake. This world war Laney Jake Gyllenhaal Michael Chan in. My ex husband used to calm him nocturnal animal. Well ex husband's. I think they have necklace and since then a couple of Beers in. Graduate school. We're Duncan thinking about a month later and then recently he's having this pocket he's written minutes. Finally content and Simon he titled it nocturnal animals may dedicated it to me. Did you have been. Yeah I loved it. If that for a second I am now believes he loves him for a second oh. The dismal view that she is though they'll love guys you yet not love. Syria today. She was a victim of room and security yeah she was a victim of our culture in certain parts of the world I still say festival where but actually seen it. To have done what she did the way she did it. That's not bad does Michelle loved that shows. Predatory. Behavior. It's still good. You know I hopped. Everett city. Airs because you've been active here or sooner than I would like I'll be back and glossy you know you like a lot he adds that thank you Tom what dolce I'm telling all I'm not so you bring. I attorney did not return Belarus it's in select cities right now I'm everywhere December 9. Do yourself a favor you'll be talking about there's like that yet take a Franklin UV like on how much aid and that's all right.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"Ford also talks about parenting ideas, his partner of over 30 years, and writing and choosing artistic projects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43879260","title":"Tom Ford Explains Why He Won't Dress Melania Trump, or Hillary Clinton","url":"/Entertainment/video/tom-ford-explains-dress-melania-trump-hillary-clinton-43879260"}