Tom Hiddleston Takes on 'The Avengers'

Actor discusses playing the character "Loki" in Marvel's upcoming blockbuster.
5:38 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Tom Hiddleston Takes on 'The Avengers'
It doesn't even hit theaters in town next may but the -- -- has samplings in a frenzy. The superhero team -- features Iron Man Thor Captain America and other heroes united against one -- Wealthy. And looking -- -- back your -- and visit us now thanks much for being with us this settlement is fantastic I've seen -- leaks on the line it -- yet really gut. Isn't we'll be talking about a film that we've really only seen two minutes I mean and the plus. On the -- And isn't yet I -- it is them I mean then. -- I know obvious I know what happens in in the whole film because I've spent five months using it it and New Mexico and Ohio. -- I guess that these films is that the great -- about making -- -- as a pre existing passion because people laugh. Marvel Comics panel love each line of He had over here -- such a plot what brings all these superheroes together. Well low key. Look He is simply. Become. Pretty mean -- basically if you and dad he's got mad and yes the bad. Bad processes sound good does it take have to say bad acts. But He can't -- bases at the end of school. -- He disappears in in worm hole of time and space. Does He died -- He somehow vaporize and disappear. And the beginning events is He he's come down to this planet to planet. With plans to -- against it. The case okay. Movie in us moving low key takes on each avenger you obviously takes -- -- you said in a recent interview you are referring to Captain America -- -- Just another guy doesn't pose much of a threat to low -- asset -- and. Very nice -- that -- and American. I was well I would say the thing about Captain America it is -- He -- -- -- that He may be in. And and the human race and not less the American people to be very proud of him. Luckiest. Dogs arguably. Captain America captain man civilians -- enemy and -- It's not really offense fine not really am and I'm not in Newington and denigrate that the theater you lie on. Americans think otherwise I can't say that competition is all right Jeff movie well you know -- some -- -- -- -- -- -- fairly. Fannie -- -- -- here is Texas and I hear you came up with the scrolls. That. So the best way. I don't know that this is where I believe that you can see the red tell from the marvelous night before on my forehead before I can and -- -- anymore information to be assassinated right to. I want you might get something new -- -- escrow okay. By the there's a lot of talent obviously its audience and tea -- and who's got the bigger trailer Robert Downey, -- -- Exactly the same size and -- to say exactly the same -- -- They are tourism and everybody loves your character and -- -- it was it was. Well it was lovely about the event is -- -- really -- feel like it team ranked team game well is He -- you know violent scene. Some. I think leaked videos of your costume in this -- -- and it is awesome I think you win a prize for the U it's hard for -- and it really happy. It weighs thirty pounds. It's like a work and they -- is tonight at the beginning of the day I get strapped in and -- kind of buckles and ropes and bits of -- Take some time yet and beyond that then you have to also be an actor the right yet. -- -- lines and somehow be mostly truthful and speaking of which you've had an amazing ride and you got another movie coming out of Steven Spielberg movie with yeah. Popped up to a little mosque I'm the film making the war horse yeah you play a big role in that what's it like getting a phone call from Steven Spielberg -- what does that mean and that. Sort of arc of your career road. It's just that 11. Of the -- -- and that's surprising. Things in my life. I was surprised you couldn't -- It's when those things that I used to joke at my found me. And what I think packed his joke around like. You know people say can come into this costly for quote bachelor party or -- -- wedding happening in years' time. And an accident -- -- this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's to -- colts. That. We say that's in the expectation that He never and will never gonna have -- so you miss this birthday parties this year yeah Disney. Have to learn how to ride a horse or is that something that you -- -- I had. Ridden a bit in in California actually happened Johnson trying to -- events in Simi Valley. I I think I was much more of the the Billy Crystal at the beginning of city -- is an equestrian been. I was more comical red -- -- The real deal that this is -- revealing. And we -- the yeah -- -- a phenomenal success war horse -- out December the avengers is due in May 2012. And here in New York head over to the New York comic on free sneak peek. Time that'll stand congratulations on all your success you -- with these films thank you semis Tanzania.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Actor discusses playing the character \"Loki\" in Marvel's upcoming blockbuster. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14740897","title":"Tom Hiddleston Takes on 'The Avengers'","url":"/Entertainment/video/tom-hiddleston-takes-avengers-loki-marvel-studios-comics-summer-blockbuster-2012-entertainment-14740897"}