Tom Riley Takes On Da Vinci's Demons

Leonardo Da Vinci an artist but also a Sword Fighter?
3:12 | 04/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tom Riley Takes On Da Vinci's Demons
Stars premieres its new historical fantasy theories about the great genius Leonardo Da Vinci this week. It's called the think she's demons and it highlights the adventures of -- 25 year old that in cheek as he takes on Renaissance Florence it is full of -- intentional on. And of course -- by. -- -- -- -- -- -- She unfortunately. The start. Into the you. -- -- -- Close -- case because humans rivers who lives. I don't know he finds himself turned on this -- -- -- -- And anyone else have you done on the -- stress. A perfectly capable of fighting to. Three men simultaneously putting someone else -- and that's it. -- impressive and joining us now today at the star of that inching demons Tom Reilly Tom thanks so much for being there. Very good with us I didn't think -- long time to learn to do. -- dignity because -- he's my left because and I know there was -- and I -- Actress -- that's an announcement and I found this one's my rights did you learn all that for the -- -- I didn't fencing lessons and so hadn't -- school and England it was a sort of emotional way you -- sold mine and stage punting but never with enough time because why would you need to kind of ignorant. But now you are playing Leonardo Da Vinci tell us about that is -- exciting to place -- Famous historical care it's incredible landing an intimidating ticking because we're bringing in possession and then on his life that no one really knows -- kind of -- -- young. People see -- in their minds -- -- very old. Long and long gray dated three -- a solemn manner in which -- and what was he like -- you so what can we imagine that lots of liberties being taken. It's. And we we it's a star who constantly we're very we're very campsite that we. We and we taking what happens and then -- sort of flipping on its head and presenting it through very involved in prison because there aren't a lot of details known about his. Life as a young man what particularly verdict which was they go month of David going to -- its. To very 92 men and Anastos commands and he he found hope Pyrenees on -- and 27 -- when nothing is -- She's just an incredible -- of rich rich. And yet we do know that Renaissance Florence with a fabulous place -- -- we -- and you get the full of -- of that in your theories we do we don't know that this and we historical stuff that was going on of the upheaval between Rome Florence that. Conspiracies. You know stuff between the past -- yet. Exciting and I just thought that's because you didn't get nominated for a Tony for -- -- Tom Stoppard Arcadia drama -- -- an economic death at -- Moore theater near future I love to announce -- -- him -- -- -- was on the scene of the passage that some months -- fashion school before eventually -- would love to have you back in -- -- now -- that with dignity and do -- little break and then you get back into the bright hope for the season -- very -- should we -- should we go again. I'm very well come by the thank you so much as -- -- -- and thank you.

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{"id":18926628,"title":"Tom Riley Takes On Da Vinci's Demons","duration":"3:12","description":"Leonardo Da Vinci an artist but also a Sword Fighter?","url":"/Entertainment/video/tom-riley-takes-da-vincis-demons-18926628","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}