Tony Danza's Life Lessons

How teaching high school for a year changed his life.
3:00 | 09/12/12

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Transcript for Tony Danza's Life Lessons
Turning down -- career in entertainment spanned nearly 35. Years he's known for his memorable -- on tax CN -- Abbas. But at one point when he realized he wanted a different path in life and in 2009. He fulfilled a lifelong dream and became a tenth grade teacher he went for readings -- degrading papers to writing a book. Documenting his journey. It's called I'd like to apologize every teacher I had my year as a rookie teacher at northeast high and Tony joins us now to talk about it well. Chris -- hair nice to be here increases thank you -- a -- government relations and have to look at more about the transition. Between acting and then teaching what made you decide -- -- what he really needed to do. Closing in on sixteen and I was thinking. You know. This was something I always wanted to let the school would be -- teacher you know I mean it's been something that's on my I'm also. But most people concerned about the education system in in the country in January about so. I wonder if she -- it was for the life in the it's always been on my mind even my character who's the -- became a teacher. So it's just been something I've always sort of wanted to do and into -- and and so it. Got the chance. And in the Philadelphia school system just talking about a million -- like the idea that for some -- and he mutually some of the number of schools and -- -- northeast side. Which is anybody he's in housing and why. A massive -- -- gradually 3000 -- 57 languages. Snapshot of you know temporary cut comprehensive -- before magnate who was the special 200 teachers. I -- just incredible. Birthday with walking into the classroom did you have any stage -- SP. Fifty teachers -- do week before please if we beforehand -- -- It's complicated -- you know it's -- adamantly teaches. And you meet in my first name. And then from then on ethical and in the -- the vehicle. You remembered your -- Just won't need -- school. In and going to go. -- -- orientation and that was enough. Obviously scary but the but when -- reveal when he signed my name on the ball keeps thinking you know those movies and and I returned. For the class and it was -- least -- it. Feels she needs size. And and and I just tried to get I was the -- -- English he. But it was like I didn't think that desire it's. Just keep going. You know. I'm kinda you madam I'm gonna you know on -- -- vehement of them and -- let me. I just make it. And if right after yet so wasn't harder than you thought you can learn a lot from -- -- learned a lesson to kids you haven't you learned I mean it's it's just. If there's a reason why I came over this -- -- -- -- and I told the random house that I wanted to name the book by components of -- -- -- had. The gates and Ellis to look you know any good but that's what struck me is that you know first of all I wasn't it is the -- in active in school. And I I think I'm unlike members -- of a lot of guys a lot of people that. Go to school and then later on Michael Kia and applied myself you know I didn't really get able with the -- And so you want to know about that and so that was number one in an -- -- invited by the way those those kids who didn't apply themselves like myself at. -- who still -- by the in many women take. The teachers likes war series. On in these people -- committed an inquisitive nature in there because it's a calling. So I -- have a perspective on that -- -- -- -- -- him besides and then and then just this year. Work I mean it's just a very difficult job and one -- these people don't realize. The emotional. Problem. Because the kids open up to you. If you -- a good teacher. You -- you can't which by who is a prerequisite for the needed to look for -- -- you hear it teachers like not look for them I mean that they actually see instantly that. So you the teaching trying to want to make to kids and by the way just so you imagine -- each teacher. Is responsible for hundreds -- hundreds and that teenagers just. -- -- -- I have -- -- -- -- in the environment and even a matter. Everything's like that everything's life and death and so and some of -- is. And -- that unfortunately it is and you are. Johnson racked up a -- yeah I mean you. And sometimes I mean it's just so overwhelming so then you have the curriculum and -- of the other thing that you have to deal with now -- -- and people understand it. You know these agreements. 2222 with Singapore Finland almost those those countries having such success and we don't understand it. I've unionized teachers to have bullets -- but somehow they are doing it. It's 2% poverty we have 20%. You know one -- three kids in New York City news and popped one in five and America's -- to -- hungry. Right how much you educate you now I know that -- OK she got that and then you -- you know. A lot of breakdown of the family one of them one of the biggest indicators you have to think address from the initial Mindy and her cat in the rules -- -- there's -- -- that and I I've read your that he's always we're running at a tenth of one Watson. That you learn from the kids they want no part of that no I want the kids who -- to get them -- -- -- I learned this. Unless they want it. We can't want more for them they want for themselves the more we don't get that from the apparently didn't know how much help -- culture told them -- that I don't. But a national campaign a -- like. Like the one that we use to change the attitude about drunk -- about smoking in public that was all nations attitude changes. We have to change the attitude to have to understand you even in the unit in -- world. That is going to call on them to compete with the kid next to women -- this. But the -- -- Indian ritual in all -- does that help them get that memo and they have to also be able as critical thinkers. To even if they have training and become have a job. To be able to adapted to -- the way. This is what we try and silicon against the thank you so much for sharing your experience we -- -- with -- here and there.

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{"id":17220741,"title":"Tony Danza's Life Lessons","duration":"3:00","description":"How teaching high school for a year changed his life.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tony-danzas-life-lessons-17220741","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}