Top Gun Turns Thirty: A Tribute

ABC News' Lesley Messer hit the beaches of Santa Monica for our own little re-enactment of the film's iconic beach volleyball scene.
5:02 | 05/16/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Top Gun Turns Thirty: A Tribute
Hi it's Leisle master digital entertainment editor for ABC news with a very very rough assignment today in honor of the thirtieth anniversary of top guy next week I am Matt. The beach in Santa Monica with members of the California volleyball association. They're associated with ocean park volleyball and I'm gonna turn the camera and let you meet them just. I am as. Part of it. It's. Opt. Yeah. And are. The a I'm all now wreck. Yeah. Just outside guy. A. Right now. Up. I hope. Now. I don't think. Huge game Goosen matter a guy guys. There. Q do you guys have remember watching top banner he would pocket and Pam. Absolutely the truth I'd never put blood on my entire life I sought immunity and I got Ellis got on really I'm absolutely and like. Six months later I came down state beats and Monica disciplined and who thought he'd be kids. You'd eventually got to be you kids their dreams come true today edgy. But there's Nazis that hood. It's an attack. Floral. Just let them know which you should use them that's the case for a second about me yet. Planners charged brag. You let your dog tags your very in the part you know. This is great experience acute watching closely. One apartment actually the real active district couple seconds you can tell him no idea here. You don't think that was really Tom Cruise playing each. If they load and that. Looting they're getting he. Instead of running public area uncle. There's the birthplace that each. Side is it hard for you believe that thirty years on the make you feel. Oh. It under the feet he's Yonkers you know. You never feel. Him. Outside LA if you do you go to a doctor and exit Rick and Bryant yell if it's possible to stay young forever in the making an obvious. Obviously like all different people. You know older. And younger guys I mean you respect legendary east openers. We're still around and come out. But congress and amp enamored. It was coming I have have a top gun festival put on right Cardoza park everybody out and play art parent or parents and doctors dentists doctors ask. That was united ocean artwork but he challenge right now. I I'm gonna flip out apparently Michael. You did your thirst are fictional this has challenged the real reason maverick. Iceman and lighter to a beach volleyball match here in Santa Monica to celebrate top guns. Thirtieth per bag. Anniversary I think you so much for joining us and Houston.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"ABC News' Lesley Messer hit the beaches of Santa Monica for our own little re-enactment of the film's iconic beach volleyball scene.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39154188","title":"Top Gun Turns Thirty: A Tribute","url":"/Entertainment/video/top-gun-turns-thirty-tribute-39154188"}