Top Summer Travel Toys

It's the list every parent should see before your next trip!
6:41 | 06/18/15

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If you are hitting the road the beach the airport this summer with the kids better prepared for entertainment. Today we have hot summer travel toys to take along with them to help kick off the fun. Right away. And the bureau poisons to you with us today toy insider mom ring Shannon welcome and thank you name it and you know what you're in the car or whether that GPS says you've arrived. You do want some great twists keep the kids busy absolutely we have to start with getting him packed not always an easy task for little ones. But he can be a lot of fun with this this is called room. So it's sad to see a case that we open up. It's like an open up this whole thing kids are gonna put in here they're closed of course their favorite toys we close it now taking her. Just like on the and you all are better yet it's all right when their little feet get tired that's the perfect so it's great and I adore but they come and all kids favorite characters well balanced. So we know the movies play a big role in quick hits allowed and it's a lot to take that will be matchup with them everywhere they got they do so Jurassic world and what is so excited. Dinosaurs on the loose once again. Movie came out this weekend and amp kits can recreate if a separate scenes with our Playskool. He ranks dine out. So look at this guy he Roy. His eyes light up any any hungering. I'm inside at is the next movie we're Tennessee and it's going to be another big blockbuster. And it's all of that a little girl Riley and Herbert emotional turmoil because she moves to a new town. When now kids can get. The emotions in this talking real last especially love the concept of the movie but I think this isn't good when the car maybe it is playing it's quite playing did you hear them. This is joy and she's very happy so we have all of the emotions and yet he's agreed to take in the car agree to sleep with and nice they're saw their last a lot of fun and apparently the moments that keeps you. This it reads no I think he might east and in. And there and act like cell will be happy kids. Not you know we want to think it every day it's gonna be sunny and shiny and what's going to be outside like it sometimes that's not the case where he once was it easy to bring. Games activities that they'll finally into and that's what it is rolled into because they're capital they're easy they're small they're light so let's start with this when called bells it's by a company called with a three day so. This becomes the arena. An Indian -- and we have all of these else. They come in four different colors and different sizes and we have this want its magnetic. You wanna get just one college so let's say you're agree you're gonna collect as many greens as you can back at. Without getting in other content there is serious. Business. Us so they're kept her well it would be my turn now sell it up find it challenging game it is an edited to keep kids he'd get one for album long house I love this and the grownups will enjoy playing both of these next schemes to interest rates of Kinect sports I recognize this one but this disconnect where twist and turn it a winning note so if you notice here I have. Three rats this is me you're ELU have a choice now. You would traditionally. Put your yellow when right here in trying to block me in my ear don't count your other choices to take this and twist and watch what happens in explains. Suddenly the whole console is different. So a tell whole strategy. It's a lot of fun. Began adults are gonna love this as much as the can isn't there that Aaron I loved to connect connect or can export twist intern and this is Harvard and yet much tighter and a lot of activities of pixels and it's Braylon it's a lot of kids are actually building needs to have the pattern right oh and these little cute. State putting it in. And spray it with what and when they do that it fuses together. They tore it. In the Skinner and specialist Spinner. And any making isn't worried is not the other things and now we have hours of play time in what's the age group for this is like six and six minute it's looking a little yes Luke is definitely not for kids at different. Now anxious ones on boats heading to eat your heading to the park. You believe our hours but Aaron and our award trouble so yes another Disney and before we even opened the bubbles luck. It camera light feedback. So we Levitt the then of course we can just. Do that's. This has and it is for everyone in every age it's inexpensive it's even if they're in your bank and everybody. Apparently nephews would love every single thing I agree. IRA so we want to bring their pets with them and the Fisher especially something you're leaving behind you don't. Do if you hat and act well. Angel that's what networks but revoking trial. So this but it in the water it'll start winning don't look at and I can actually control it swimming patterns I could make it go different ways. And better than any think I can take it in the pool. So cute and a lot of time making take their fish but in the big ticket at awarded him to worry that it not being ready to go the next sign that credit and yeah. Could be extended to sleep yet it take to the heat cannot fail not want to have a lot of fun that's it he's doesn't yet yet. Sell those are a lot of fun have to Wear that cleaning you know after about food and that's. Teenage mutant ninja turtles arcade hit still a lot of these heroes and a half shell and now they start out ads this mutation line. Pet turtles and by opening them up and transforming them we have those pizza locking crime fighting. Turtle Ninja's. And another when I nephews go crazy back and watch this movie about. 38 still it's excellent toll yeah easy from on to just throw and take with you lots of fun. I'm very excited for this silly thing that remote control we think that something very large we don't think that's something that's little. This is from some pilot it's been and you found in acts. And look at this hellish act. I like. And you think this month when Anthony smallest one ever need it's really well really night and I love that kids can take it. Yeah. It not a threat but it. Actually you know it challenging to fly this went pretty easy it can control it is actually landing hampered also great for kids ten an adult to gonna love this wind and snow Chinese so it's in the yes. Boeing chance in San Ramon thank you so much nearly. I.

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