Touring Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Dubrovnik

ABC News' Aicha El-Hammar Castano gives a tour of Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik with Tea Bundalo.
29:35 | 02/02/17

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Transcript for Touring Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Dubrovnik
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UC pains. This isn't very famous scene conversation between answers him finger. Then the biggest on that this film that there is to his name at this tournament. Celebration. Opening day. You cannot see what looks like in the show. It looks quite a bit different this is a view from that's brown partners that we saw it some people. We have you found that. Who won't it won't look at what is right. You. You're mentioning Iraq. I also made an appearance in the showed that. Tuesday and sun sun here. You're watching are. And that these yet. Additional welcome them. Having cut into. I. I will. Days. And he wants. Because. You know things happening. And it that fits. Well. Also winter is coming. Snow what's actually because yeah. Oh. There's. Seat because apparently. This smells and ask you. We had action that's. But I'm sure enough blood. This. And it was. Yeah. That seems silly me I can't functions. Yeah yeah. 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It is reasonably good night most of the this let me paint issue and has this. This that's over there and everything. Entrance over there this is it's been struck a complete. We've. Who. It's isn't it. And thanks days at the that's popular. The bid is more difficult to go inside yeah are coming after a while they develop the system. And those and goes green you rate us. We have how. They seem personally actor yes. We are able to see a lot of them i.'s own life parents apparently pregnant instantly experience. He and his. They are my feelings and I saw right there. At this year's. He let alone again I was. Completely shocked and I just stared. I can't let this. So he even had this to me and I was just silence. Hi I hope you'll come back side. And now. They ever. Right kinds. We we. He's going in. At 38. I. Think the problem. Cat I mean we'll Sony cats can indeed. Yeah. Yeah. It. Yeah. Cat we feel that. Regular. Zero point. I. Now all of them Chevy that began that comes. And it's not any points. Yeah. Cat yeah. A lot of pain. So Donna has become. Very popular destination for filming. Hesitancy on the main streets. And because they didn't. Let me do you think you. Oh. His days. Yeah. And so now he can't we don't really teach you know back. Happy. Still happy you know WB. You. Sent exploded over rubbing them. I guess this is not him so there you please see me. That's like news. One I didn't westward. But it fits in well actually acknowledge its London book movie game actually quite the opposite. People are and knowing that this is here when. I can't. Experience in space. As. Anybody who beat. And Annie ABC minus. Yeah. Yeah. We haven't yeah. Yeah horse. It. Points. It's questioning eight. It's. I'm sure don't have people from their past comes back them them even more yeah. I don't have to work but it looks I'm so again. I. The company. I. It. Let. Him. And I. And solo. All of the actors when he had. Having a fan. We have I'm here we'll have any. Nice to go into the club very much. Especially. You who is very yeah. I am very similar to his character and show. That he likes to drink he likes to write the next Lemmon certainly was there on the so he let pain in the deep breath. This. Leave me. Real yeah. I. Yeah. Didn't we he means. I know and there accidentally and it's easier to talk to him. In Phoenix I'm yeah. Yes I'm. But having. All costs from this area so it's from. And in particular because because of the fact. NBC is to get hit. Okay okay okay. Because he didn't pregnant yeah. This is why. I'm here. A couple of days. Yeah. I mean that he. Weekend. The men wanted. A. But yeah. Plus and we can go to the side every. Yeah and students. That's. And night and it's easier as a symbol of freedom. Sensory three cities in Europe they are right. Naturally this. Assembling a you can see it we don't look threatening him I'll let them most is very important. He has in its investment. I. Yeah. The hand held. Martin I know its here. Everything looks okay he had nothing. Pastry. Yeah went. But he didn't get to do well in Iraq. And that's directors effective. Intimate yeah. Directors unless it is the policy. That churches. Yeah. Mark yeah let's director. He's got to live in this about the amount of candy machines there every single mom and he wasn't. So it yeah. And also right next of the reason importance. A give us something just abuse yeah. I didn't because he's easy. Will the rights and I may hate me. It's. This didn't. Yeah. Who. You. I think. Yeah. We. A we will. Or. Yeah from. There. Are. This. She. Or. Is that. There is. Except is. Actually it's me. So whenever he's. Who. They. That's basically. The stairs and and lips. With its. That's it the he. Are. We. Yeah how. And we think it's. If you. Or. Does. You can come here and this happens.

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{"duration":"29:35","description":"ABC News' Aicha El-Hammar Castano gives a tour of Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik with Tea Bundalo.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45219078","title":"Touring Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Dubrovnik","url":"/Entertainment/video/touring-game-thrones-filming-locations-dubrovnik-45219078"}