Tracy Morgan: 'I Survived That Crash for a Reason'

Part 3: Comedian talks with Barbara Walters about his painful recovery after a deadly car crash that left him in a coma.
7:39 | 12/18/15

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Transcript for Tracy Morgan: 'I Survived That Crash for a Reason'
The word "Accident" is defined as something unplanned, an unfortunate event that results in damage or injury. Tracy Morgan recently had an appointment with fate, but his comeback is no accident. It's an affirmation of the healing power of laughter. Tracy Morgan in critical condition tonight at a new Jersey hospital. He was injured in a multi-vehicle -- Morgan was traveling in a limo bus that overturned early this morning. Police still working to learn what exactly caused that accident. Reporter: June 7, 2014. Tracy Morgan and three other passengers are making their way home to New Jersey after a comedy gig in a Delaware casino. No, I don't remember any of it. And my doctor said, "You don't want to remember it." Reporter: Behind them, a big rig traveling full throttle. Behind the wheel, a driver, sleepy from too many miles without a break. His Walmart tractor-trailer crashes into Tracy's limousine van, leaving his close friend comedian jimmy mack dead. The pain of losing my friend will always be there. I know he's in a better place. Reporter: Tracy was in a coma for eight days. The first night it happened, my wife got to the hospital, and the doctors told her, "We don't know if he's coming out of this coma." Well, when I first came out of the coma, I was blind for a week. Reporter: Broken bones, a brain injury. I see scars. Do I not? On your forehead. Yeah, this is from the damage from the brain. Reporter: There were whispers that Tracy was finished. He wouldn't work again, even walk again. The healing was slow and painful. He spent five months in a wheelchair and immersed himself in therapy for brain and body. What was your lowest point? Sitting at home. I think the lowest point got for me when I wasn't at 40th anniversary and I know I couldn't be there. It's "Saturday night live." I wasn't ready. I wish my friend Tracy Morgan was here tonight, and I know that he was hoping that he would be well enough to be here, too. If he were here tonight, I'm sure Tracy would remind us that, more than anything, he would like to get us all pregnant. How's -- how's your recovery coming? Fighting every day. I survived that crash for a reason. I'm still here for a reason. I guess my room wasn't ready. Reporter: What do you think the reason is? Who knows? Maybe he kept me here to raise my daughter and raise my family. Reporter: Family was not always Tracy's focus. He is one of five children from a broken home. I lived in Brooklyn for about 11 years of my life -- born and raised there. And then I went to my dad 'cause I know I needed him. Reporter: Because? I didn't want to become a statistic to the gangs and the drugs. I know my mother loved me, but she don't -- excuse my French, but she don't pee standing up. I needed that to show me how to be. Everybody in jail do that same hard jail walk. Reporter: To cope with life on the street, he had already developed a unique persona -- man-child meets devilish imp. Not me, man. I went to jail, they thought I was on medication. Reporter: Where this character ends and the real Tracy begins is the key to his success. You play someone who is a little bit spacey. Are you a little bit spacey? Yeah, cool. Yeah. We need that. We need people that are a little bit "Spacey" in this place. Reporter: Where do you put your head when you're being a little bit spacey? Well, sometimes I'm that little boy. Sometimes I'm that teenager. Sometimes I'm that young adult. Sometimes I'm me. Hi. My name is Tracy Morgan. I'd like to introduce you to one of my friends. His name is biscuit. He's 8 years old, lives in the projects, weighs 200 pounds, and he has an attitude. Reporter: In 1996, two big things happened to Tracy. This audition got him a job at "Saturday night live." Hi. My name is biscuit. Reporter: And he got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. One of these things he handled very well, and over seven seasons, he perfected a funny and bizarre collection of characters. I'm bishop don "Mack" Donald, and you're watching "Pimp chat." I'm Brian fellows. I am a lawyer. Reporter: After "Snl", he was scooped up by his pal Tina fey to star in her new show, "30 rock." I am a jedi! Reporter: He played a comedy superstar who's pretty much out of his mind. I'll have an apple juice. Oh, we don't have apple juice, sir. Then I'll take a vodka and tonic. Rt order: Iwasn't all an act. Tracy struggled with alcoholism through the first two seasons. What's America? Reporter: And if the booze didn't get him, the diabetes he was ignoring probably would. Loved ones and co-workers stepped in and Tracy stepped up. Do you know who I am? Seriously! Please! Tell me who I am! Reporter: All of this explains why Tracy used to say "I shouldn't even be here." And that was before the accident. On August 23rd of this year, Tracy married Megan wollover. Their 2-year-old daughter maven attended the ceremony. Shortly after that, he made two dramatic public appearances -- first, at the emmys in September. Only recently I've started to feel like myself again, which means a lot of y'all women gonna get pregnant at the afterparty. I'm Brian fellows! Reporter: And then he came home again, hosting "Saturday night live" in October. People are wondering. Can he speak? Does he have 100% mental capacity? But the truth is, I never did. Reporter: Do you feel 100%? Yeah. Hey, listen, this is what my grandmother said. "If god can get you to it, he'll get you through it." And anyone who hasn't spent eight days in a coma can't tell me nothing. 'Cause I got closer to god than anybody on this planet. So, when I came out on Saturday night live that night, and that -- came out on the stage that night, I just seen people standing up and like, "Yes. Yes." And that right there, I got to give them everything. I got to give them everything. Reporter: Seven years ago, you wrote, "There are two things that will get you through life. They are laughter and learning." What about love? Love is there. If you ain't got no love, you ain't got no life. And you damn sure ain't gonna have no laughter. Reporter: You have fought -- You want to know what happiness is? Reporter: Yes, please. I would love to know what happiness is. It's a simple thing. Reporter: Okay, what is it? Simply having something to look forward to. Reporter: Hmm. Happiness. Think about what you got to look forward to, and then you smile. That's where you happiness lies. Reporter: What are you looking forward to? To grabbing the Mike, to going home and seeing my daughter and my wife. All of that makes me smile, so that makes me happy. Reporter: And by the way, Tracy told us that he was completely satisfied with the accident settlement with Walmart, and that jimmy mack's family has been fairly compensated. Tracy's new comedy tour, entitled "Tracy Morgan: Picking up the pieces" starts in February.

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{"duration":"7:39","description":"Part 3: Comedian talks with Barbara Walters about his painful recovery after a deadly car crash that left him in a coma.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"35833230","title":"Tracy Morgan: 'I Survived That Crash for a Reason'","url":"/Entertainment/video/tracy-morgan-survived-crash-reason-35833230"}